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WATCH: Priyanka Vadra Courts Controversy, Makes 'Hindu Martyr-Muslim Martyr' Remark While Attacking BJP

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

The Congress party's general secretary for Uttar Pradesh East, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, has raked up fresh controversy with her 'Hindu martyr-Muslim martyr' comment on Monday. Launching an attack on BJP, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked BJP: "Unn shahido ka jo Hindu hai, jo Muslaman hai". Addressing a gather, the Congress leader stated: 

"Aapse kaha jata hai ki aap desh dhrohi hai. Mai Mahelao se mili, adhyapako se mili, Kisano se mili jinko peeta gaya. Jab unhone pradarshan kiya, aapna haq manga, apna adhikar manga toh unko peeta gaya. Unpar taman Kanoon lagaye gaye , rasoka laga gaya aur unko bola ki tum Desh drohi ho, tum sawal uthatey ho. Prachar karne ke samay aap desh drohi, janata desh drohi aur sarkar kehti hai hum rashtravadi hain. BJP kehte hai hum rashtravadi hai. Mai puchte hoon aap rashtravadi hai toh shaheedon ka aadar kaeye. Unn shahido ka jo Hindu hai, jo Muslaman hai aur jo shaeed apke vipaksh ke neta ke pita hai unka bhi aadar kareye".  

(You are being told that you are anti-nationals. I met women, teachers, farmers who were beaten up. They were beaten when they raised their voice and asked for their rights and demanded justice. While campaigning, you all are anti-national, citizens are anti-national and just the government is Nationalist. BJP says they are Nationalists. I want to ask if you are Nationalists then resect martyrs. Respect those martyrs who are Hindu, who are Muslims and even the one who is the father of your opponent.)

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Earlier on March 20, 2019, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited the ancestral home of former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri at Ramnagar and garlanded the statute of Shastri Ji. However, she removed the 'mala' that she was already wearing in her neck and offered it to the former Prime Minister. 

Terming it as an insult to the former Prime Minister, Smriti Irani took to twitter and shared the video of the incident. She wrote:

"मुंडी झुकाइएके सर झटकाइएके, गुमान में बिटिया भूल गई मरजाद, आपन गले की उतरन, पहनाए दीहिन शास्त्री जी के अपमान पर ताली बजाएके, हाथ हिलाइएके, चल दीहलें कांग्रेस बिटिया तोहार".

(Keeping her head low, the daughter in her arrogance,  she crossed the limit. She removed the garland from her neck, offered it to the former PM Shastri Ji and insulted him. This is the daughter of Congress).  



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