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WATCH: Raju Srivastav Jokes About Rahul Gandhi's Election Prospects; Narrates Why 'posters In Bangkok Say Rahul Will Come In 2019'

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  • Comedian Raju Srivastav in a video mocks Congress chief Rahul Gandhi
  • Narrating a joke, he said that posters of Bangkok tourism says Rahul will come in 2019

In what seems to be a jibe on Congress president Rahul Gandhi, comedian Raju Srivastav in a video said that Rahul will come to Bangkok in 2019. Citing an incident, Srivastav said that his friend who returned from Bangkok recently had said that 'Rahul (Gandhi) will come in 2019.'

Here's his joke: 

Raju's friend: 'Do whatever you do, Rahul will come, in 2019.

Raju Srivastav: 'What are you saying'?

Raju's friend: 'Yes I have returned from Bangkok, it's written all over there that Rahul will come. There are posters and banners that in 2019 Rahul will come. Under those posters its written tourism department, Thailand, Bangko

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Earlier Srivastav has also raised his voice against the arrest of Priyanka Sharma in West Bengal for posting a meme of WB CM Mamata Banerjee.

He had said, "What Priyanka Sharma did with Mamata Banerjee's photo, must be just enjoyed nothing more than that. The cartoonists, stand-up comedians and poets across the world look for such characters, there are jokes and mimicry on big politicians. There are a lot of jokes on Trump and Kim Jong Un, many cartoons were made on Indira ji and Atal ji, cartoons are even made on Modiji."

"The front page of every newspaper has cartoons of any politicians. There were jokes on Lalu and Pappu. This keeps on happening, this is art, and this is freedom of speech and expression. I'd like to request to people to not bind the artists too much, otherwise how will they work? The art of cartoons will end," he added. 

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Earlier, Union Minister Piyush Goyal had posted a video of Srivastav where the comedian takes on the concept of hurling insults at the Prime Minister.

In a scathing, sarcastic video, the stand-up comic who is associated to at least a few government schemes, lampoons the 'chalta hai' attitude of yore and credits the Prime Minister as a sane and development-focused voice on a number of issues, while the critics are opposing him for various mock-immature reasons.

The video proceeds along the following general lines:

He begins by stating "We have democracy in our country, and some people take such advantage of it that they use foul language and use it, particularly against the Prime Minister. They derive enjoyment out of it."

He gives examples and continues, "There is a respect afforded to the Prime Minister. His seat has an importance. He's not of any one party, he's everyone's. We're lucky PM Modi was born in India. He's a person with a sound temperament. His family still lives an ordinary life. Before swearing at him, ask yourself -- what's your contribution to the nation?" 



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