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WATCH: "Today, After This, The Party Chief Hasn't Kept Any Work For Me," Quips PM Narendra Modi About BJP President Amit Shah At His Post-campaign Press Briefing

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • PM Modi on Friday addressed a press conference on the last day of election campaigning for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls
  • BJP chief Amit Shah and other party members were also present during the press conference

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed a press conference on the last day of election campaigning for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, along with BJP chief Amit Shah and other senior party members at the party's headquarters in Delhi.

Beginning his address, PM Modi shared an anecdote about how he used to frequently interact with mediapersons at the party HQ earlier, and how some faces are still recognisable from that time. He apologised for the delay in the press conference stating that he was in Madhya Pradesh and went on to quip about the end of the campaign, saying that party chief Amit Shah might not have left any work for him after the press conference. 

"Pehle to mera yehi kaam rehta tha ki party daftar main shaam ko aapp logon ke sath chai peena. Ab kaafi log badal gaye hain. Kuch log purane abhi bhi dikhte hai. Lekin mujhe achcha laga aaj mujhe aap logon ke beech aane ka avsar mila. Mujhe aane main thodi deri hui, aapko thoda intezar karna pada. Main Madhya Pradesh main tha, to wahin se seedha aapke beech pahucha hoon. Aur aaj iske baad shayad adhyaksh ji ne mere liye koi kaam nahi rakha hai.. achcha rakha hai," PM Modi said in his opening remarks during the press conference. 

("Earlier, I used to drink tea with you all in the party office. Now many people have changed. Some old faces can still be seen. I feel very good that I got the opportunity to be with you all today. I got a little late, you had to wait for some time. I was in Madhya Pradesh so I am coming directly from there with you all. After this, the president has not left any work for me." After a brief pause he corrected himself "There's more work after this.")

Going on to speak further, the Prime Minister remarked on how not a single event of his had been cancelled in the 2019 election campaign.

"Not a single event of mine was cancelled in this election campaign, even the weather was supporting me. I have come to you with the same amount of enthusiasm that I came to you on my first day," he added. 

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