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WATCH: "Why Does The EVM Always Malfunctions In Favour Of The BJP?" Questions Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Alongwith 21 Political Parties In A Show Of Opposition Strength

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • Delhi's CM Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday accused the BJP of tampering with the EVM and said that the entire country wants to go back to ballet paper
  • He claimed that it cannot happen that malfunctioning always happen in favour of the BJP
  • On Sunday, 21 political parties came together to question the Election Commission on their stance on dysfunctional EVMs and held a press conference in New Delhi

Addressing a press conference at The Constitutional Club of India in New Delhi, Delhi's CM Arvind Kejriwal accused the BJP of tampering the EVMs. He was a part of the Opposition's press conference where 21 political parties came together to question the Election Commission on their stance on dysfunctional EVMs.

In a scathing attack to the ruling BJP, Kejriwal claimed: 

"So many journalists are here, you are knowledgeable and experienced. You tell me in last five years, whenever there is malfunctioning, complain is that the BJP is getting the vote even when buttons of other parties are pressed. Why is it so? Machines are not malfunctioned, they are programed in a way that BJP gets the vote. Even when they are caught, there are no investigations. No one tries to find out why does the vote go to the BJP if you press any button. No one tries to find out why or where the machines were malfunctioned. What is the reason? I am also an engineer, I do understand a bit of technology. It cannot happen that every time the machine will malfunction in favour of the BJP. EVMs are being tampered, they are being tampered to suppress opposition vote and to give BJP the majority."

Expressing his disappointment on the malfunctioning of the EVM and delay in the poll process in the first phase of elections in Andhra Pradesh due to faulty EVMs, he said: 

"Whatever happened in Andhra Pradesh is very dangerous. All the political parties know their area, they know from which booth they will get vote, booths that were against BJP, they tampered and delayed the election process in these booths. People waiting in queue leave after a couple of hours without casting vote and that is how the voting percentages of the Opposition are reduced. Can you imagine, in Andhra Pradesh people cast their vote till the next morning, what were their fault? Who will take the responsibility? Data say there were 3 booths where the polls were held till 4.30 am, five booths where the polls were held till 3.20 am and 256 booths where polling was held till 10 pm. Is this election or is it joke?"

Kejriwal also added that people of the country do not trust the EVMs anymore. He reiterated the demands by Andhra Pradesh's CM Chandrababu Naidu on the counting of VVPATs.

"People of this country do not trust EVM, wherever we go, people say please have a look at the machine, get the EVM checked. This poses a very big question mark on the entire democracy. Today, leaving one party, rest all the parties, and almost all the people wants to go back to ballet paper, but because that's not possible, at least there should be the counting of the papers that have been brought (VVPATs). If you don't want to count the VVPATs then why have you kept that provision? If the provision is available why are you shying away from counting it? You spent on the VVPATs, why did you spend on it if you just wanted to store it? Counting of VVPATs are must. Entire population of the country suggests it. Even the BJP voters say that there is nothing wrong in counting the VVPAT. Counting should be done. There is only one party which says that there shouldn't be counting of VVPAT. And why is it opposing it? Because it is benefited from it," he said.

Citing yet another issue of deleting the names of voters from the voter list, he gave a whopping figure of thirty lakhs and claimed that the BJP had omitted their names from the voter list of Delhi. He further dared that if the BJP has strength they must come to the floor and contest without using dishonest means.  

In the press conference, Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that they will go to SC and file petition on EVM issue. Veteran Congress leader Kapil Sibbal added that if 75% population wants that at least 50% VVPAT should be counted then why is not happening.