BIG CLAIM: Deve Gowda Accuses BJP Of Carrying Out I-T Raids On Karnataka Minister, Claims It's Revenge Against JD(S) For Refusing Alliance Even After Being Offered Money

Karnataka Lok Sabha Elections

Alleging that the recent raids on one his party's minister in the state were done by I-T under the orders of BJP, the senior politician has made some grave charges against them

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In light of the recent events which have unfolded in Karnataka, former Prime Minister and JD(S) patron HD Deve Gowda has leveled some serious allegations against the BJP, claiming they had offered his party huge sum of money to join hands and form the government before and after the state elections that were held in 2018.

Alleging that the recent raids on one his party's minister in the state were done by the I-T under the orders of BJP, the senior politician has made some grave charges against the party which forms the core of the ruling NDA at the Centre.

He first spoke about the I-T raids on the Karnataka minor irrigation minister CS Puttaraju, stating the authorities specifically targeted those locations.

"Yesterday, from various states, nearly 300 I-T officials, with the support of th CRPF, came to Bangalore.......They only chose particularly Mandya and Hassan," said the JD(S) supremo.

Going further, he claimed that the BJP were ready to pay a lot of money to Kumaraswamy so that they could ally and form the government in the state. 

"I would like to go back to the history. They tried to persuade Kumaraswamy to form the government with the support of the BJP. Before election, they also extended so much money for the expenditure of the JD(S). They tried to persuade Kumaraswamy to me...With all this temptation, Kumaraswamy refused to budge an inch before election, or after election to go with BJP," Deve Gowda added.

The JD(S) supremo then went onto drag BJP president Amit Shah into this matter, alleging he also made efforts to broker a deal between the two parties.

"I am making this statement with responsibility (of) how things went on. Even the BJP president (Amit Shah) wanted to meet me in Delhi in my courtyard. I refused to meet him," he further mentioned

Finally, the former Prime Minister linked the recent development of IT raids with his allegations, stating the BJP is taking revenge from them.

"So now, they have targeted Hassan and Mandya. DK Shivakumar's target is not yesterday, it (has been) going on. Two important parliamentary constituencies have been selected. The investigation is going on. To what mean level they have stooped, PWD office is being searched. How the LoC has been released, how much each contractor has got the LoC......" he also said

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The ruling parties in Karnataka's coalition government - JD(S) and Congress - took to the streets on Thursday alleging I-T raids on minor Irrigation minister CS Puttaraju. Senior leaders of both the parties, including CM HD Kumaraswamy, deputy CM G Parameshwara and Minister of Irrigation, D Shivakumar joined the protest and accused BJP-led Centre of being the force behind the raids.

Though, top government sources told Republic TV that the claims made by the minister and his party are false.

Republic TV learnt from the sources that the raids were held at the residences and premises of engineers and some contractors, and that the ruling Karnataka government is falsely accusing the authorities.

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