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"Apologise To Him!": Gujarat CM On Raj Babbar's Attack On Narendra Modi Citing PM's Mother

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

An irate Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has hit out at Congress leader Raj Babbar's shocking statement invoking the Prime Minister's mother in a political attack. 

Speaking to reporters after Babbar attacked the Prime Minister by saying that the "rate of the Rupee had fallen as low as the Prime Minister's mother's age", Rupani said that the Congress should apologise to the Prime Minister immediately and said that the statement reflects the inhuman character of the Congress party:

"This is below dignity and disgusting. In politics there should be a decorum. What Raj Babbar has said, i strongly condemn. Comparing the Rupee rate to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother shows their inhuman character. The Congress is losing elections. The people of the country have broken their links with them and they're being chased out of all states, that's why they're saying things like this."

"They should apologise to the Prime Minister."

Earlier, addressing an election rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh's Indore, Raj Babbar said: 

"Diesel and Petrol prices were exorbitant. Today I would like to say to Mr Prime Minister - listen to your own voice. At least have this much honesty. You'd said that they were unlucky but you are an inauspicious man that during your reign the Diesel and Petrol prices have shot up. This is your doing. I have not seen the Prime Minister's horoscope, so I can't tell about if he's inauspicious, bad omen or unlucky. But I am talking about his words. When he used to say tbout the Rupee's value versus the Dollar, he said, the Rupee is falling so much that it is touching the former Prime Minister's age. Today, Mr Prime Minister, I would like to say that your words were not out of respect but this is not our tradition, but I'd like to say that the Rupee is falling as low as your respected mother's age."


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