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CONTROVERSIAL: 'Tribal Vote Does Not Make Congress Win', Says Kamal Nath Eschewing The Community In Secret Video

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Republic TV has accessed video showing MLA Kamal Nath saying that tribal votes will not help them win in elections.
  • If I talk about our tribals seats, we don't win through the votes of the tribal community, said Kamal Nath in the video

In a massive pre-election controversy for the Congress party, Republic TV accessed a sensational video showing the party MLA Kamal Nath resolving to use the Muslim card, weeks before the state goes into polls. In the video, the party MLA can be seen speaking to a Muslim gathering, telling them that votes from the tribal community will not help them in winning the elections. 

"If I talk about our tribals seats, we don't win through the votes of the tribal community. They are merely 22% or 23% there. It may get up to 24%. I am talking about the ST seat where other communities also support the tribal seat. BJP also has a tribal seat count. But that gets divided and then other communities make them win. We have to see the maths here," said Kamal Nath addressing a Muslim gathering behind the closed doors as seen in the video.

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Later in the video, Kamal Nath went onto ask the Muslim leaders as to why there was less voting by the community in the previous elections suggesting them to go to every booth and making sure to bring in the voters in the upcoming elections. 

"I request you to look at the previous figures and tell me, how much voters voted in Muslim booths. It was 50-60%. Why was it just 60%? Why wasn't it 90%? It is very important to analyse that from the previous election. If 90% Muslims don't vote, then we may be in a lot of trouble. You are talking about 80%, I am saying 90%. And the figures are right in front of us. If you are a leader, I am giving an example, you will know where Muslim leaders will be in your booth. In that booth, what is the percentage of people who voted. If voting there is 60%, then there must be a reason for it. So you will have to take care of your own society as well, not just of Congress, but for the whole state. There are roughly seven weeks left for election, and only five or so weeks to prepare. So in the meantime, you check a couple of booths and see what has gone wrong," Kamal Nath added. 

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