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'Go And Bring Out As Many Muslim Voters From Your Booth As You Can': Congress' Religious Card Out In The Open In Secret Video

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Republic TV has accessed the full video of Congress MLA Kamal¬†Nath¬†asking Muslims to vote for them
  • The senior Congress statesman could be seen making it clear that his party will win election because of their community

In a mega newsbreak which has exposed Congress' religion card, Republic TV has accessed the full video of party's MLA Kamal Nath asking Muslims to vote for them. It is the same video which came out in bits and pieces, but for the first time, the complete video has come out in open.

Speaking at a meeting with the Muslim leaders seven weeks ahead of the Madhya Pradesh elections, Kamal Nath asked the Muslim leaders as to why there was less voting by the community in the previous elections before going to say that they should go to every booth and make sure to bring in the voters. 

"I request you to look at the previous figures and tell me, how much voters voted in Muslim booths. It was 50-60%. Why was it just 60%? Why wasn't it 90%? It is very important to analyse that from the previous election. If 90% Muslims don't vote, then we may be in a lot of trouble. You are talking about 80%, I am saying 90%. And the figures are right in front of us. If you are a leader, I am giving an example, you will know where Muslim leaders will be in your booth. In that booth, what is the percentage of people who voted. If voting there is 60%, then there must be a reason for it. What was the reason? What happened? So you go and make two others understand who are not here. There is internet available of how much voting took place at which location. In Lok Sabha elections, voting was down. So what is the reason behind this being so less? Is there any pressure put on them? Leaders from BJP go, BSP go. Is that the reason? Or is it that no one cared? So you will have to do the post-mortem. So you will have to take care of your own society as well, not just of Congress, but for the whole state. There are roughly seven weeks left for election, and only five or so weeks to prepare. So in the meantime, you check a couple of booths and see what has went wrong," Kamal Nath added. 

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Earlier this month, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra during a press conference released a part of this very video in which Kamal Nath could be seen stating that the BJP is trying to divide Muslims and Hindus. Further on, he also mentioned that his party will take care of RSS and BJP once the elections are over.


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The senior Congress leader, in the aftermath of the video becoming viral, came out in public and clarified stating the video was three months old and he wasn't speaking about taking care of the Hindus. 


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