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SEE THIS TAPE: "If 90% Muslims Don't Vote For Us, We're Destroyed", Resolves The Congress In Secret Meeting

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • The Congress' Muslim card is out in the open
  • In a secret meeting seven weeks before the Madhya Pradesh polls, Kamal Nath declared that unless the Congress gets 90% of the Muslim vote, the party is finished
  • He made a number of other sensational statements as well, especially regarding the tribal vote and candidates with cases against them

In a sensational pre-election development, Republic TV has accessed a highly controversial video showing the Congress resolving to use the Muslim card, weeks before the critical polls in Madhya Pradesh.

The video involves senior Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP Kamal Nath addressing a behind-closed-doors meeting of Muslim leaders, strategising for the elections to come. In the shocking clip, in which Kamal Nath is both visible and audible, speaking from behind his desk, he makes a number of admissions. From declaring the tribal vote unimportant to his party, to announcing that he is unconcerned whether those who contest for the Congress have cases pending against them, to the most shocking confession -- That unless 90% of Muslim voters don't support the Congress, the party is finished.

In the video, Kamal Nath makes an impassioned case for the Muslim leaders in the room to find out why members of the Muslim community didn't come out to vote in sufficient numbers in the last Assembly elections, which he attributes to the Congress' loss. He says that the party has done a deep analysis of the numbers, and implores the leaders to find out whether the problem was that they didn't go bring members of the Muslim community to come and cast their vote.

He declares that even 80% of the Muslim vote would be insufficient for the Congress, and that only 90% of the votes will save them, and to enable this, the leaders should do everything they can, go polling station to polling station, to find the voters. He adds that all this should be done before the election code of conduct comes into force.

STATEMENT OF INTENT: 'Only Getting 90% Of The Muslim Vote Can Save Us' Is Kamal Nath's Impassioned Plea In Secret Meeting

Update at 13:53 PM: At 5pm, a 3-member BJP delegation will be going to the Election Commission with the #CongMuslimVideo


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