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'Strict Action Should Be Taken Against Kamal Nath': BJP Issues Complaint To Election Commission Over Congress' Muslim Video

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  • BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has filed a complaint against Kamal Nath to the Election Commission
  • He has demanded that a strict action should be taken against Congress MLA Kamal Nath for 'inticing religious and communal sentiments'

BJP leader and Union Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has filed a complaint to the Election Commission on Wednesday demanding a strict action to be taken against Congress MLA Kamal Nath for 'inticing religious and communal sentiments by appealing to a particular religious community'. This development has happened in the aftermath of the sensational newsbreak by Republic TV where the full 7-minute video was released featuring Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath in which he was seen seeking Muslim votes ahead of the state elections.

"Kamal Nath in an address to a gathering appealed to Muslim voters to mobilise 90% votes for INC in 'Muslim' booth. It is tragic that Shri Kamal Nath chose to even divide the booths along religious lines. He is clearly appealing to voters on the basis of religious denomination, which agitates the spirit of free and fair elections,' reads the statement.

Asserting that strict action should be taken against the Congress MLA, the statement further states, "Strict action be taken against Kamal Nath, president of MP INC and the Indian National Congress (Rahul Gandhi) for violation of electoral laws and model code of conduct by way of offering bribes and inducements." 

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi addressed the media after the meeting with senior BJP leaders with the Election Commission officers in which he condemned the statements made by Congress leader Kamal Nath and stated it to be 'criminal act'.

"Senior party leaders were present during the meeting. The way Congress is igniting communalism ahead of the Madhya Pradesh elections which aims to divide the nation and astray the voters on the basis of communalism. Congress MP chief, during the meeting of particular community, appeals the Muslim voters to vote for Congress. This is the truth of Congress ideology. I have told the Election Commission that this is a criminal act and they should act against it. Congress and its president should be probed under the law. This is a clear case and the registration of the party workers from Madhya Pradesh should be cancelled. This is another case of bribing. I have talked about it to the Election Commission and they have assured me that a strict action will be taken in the matter."  

Republic TV reported the video featuring senior Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP Kamal Nath addressing a behind-closed-doors meeting of Muslim leaders, strategising for the elections to come. In the shocking clip, in which Kamal Nath was both visible and audible, speaking from behind his desk, he made a number of admissions. From declaring the tribal vote unimportant to his party, to announcing that he is unconcerned whether those who contest for the Congress have cases pending against them, to the most shocking confession -- That unless 90% of Muslim voters don't support the Congress, the party is finished.

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