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WATCH: "Dharm Ke Rajniti Mein Bhaukla Gaye Hain" Is Kamal Nath's Dismissal Of His '90% Muslim Vote' Shocker

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Kamal Nath has responded to his '90% Muslim votes or Congress will be destroyed in M.P election' remark
  • He has brushed it off, calling it 'politics of video and WhatsApp'

Senior Congress leader Kamal Nath has brazenly brushed off the implications of his video, broken by Republic TV on Wednesday, where he had made a statement of intent to play the Muslim appeasement card in Madhya Pradesh.

Speaking to Reporters, when asked about the viral video, which had been recorded about 6 weeks ago during a closed-doors meeting, Kamal Nath said:

"They have gone crazy with religious politics. These people have come down to video and WhatsApp politics. I am not worried about this. The public is not going to believe it, the truth is bare before everyone."

Earlier, Republic TV had accessed a video of Kamal Nath where he had made a number of comments regarding the Congress' strategy to win the upcoming Madhya Pradesh elections. While he also made controversial statements regarding the unimportance of the tribal vote for the Congress, and about how he didn't care if a candidate had 4-5 criminal cases against them so long as they can win, the statement that stood out was his insistence that "if the Congress doesn't get 90% of the Muslim votes, it would be destroyed".

SEE THIS TAPE: "If 90% Muslims Don't Vote For Us, We're Destroyed", Resolves The Congress In Secret Meeting

Kamal Nath went on to issue multiple action points regarding ensuring this, revealing that the party had done considerable data analysis regarding this, and that leaders should go to every booth, to every home to bring Muslim voters to the booths.


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