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WATCH: "Rupee's Rate Falling As Low As PM's Mother's Age", Says Congress' Raj Babbar In Shameful New Low

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Congress leader Raj Babbar has made a remark in utterly poor taste, hurling a political attack at the Prime Minister by citing the latter's mother.

Addressing an election rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh's Indore, Raj Babbar, who has hardly covered himself with glory with his quotes in the past few weeks, aimed an attack over the strength of the Rupee vis-a-vis the dollar, which had reached an all-time low a few weeks back but has since settled towards normalcy. In making the attack, he said that the "Rupee against dollar is so high that is even crossing your mother's age".

Babbar's precise remark reads as follows:

Diesel and petrol prices were exorbitant, today I would like to say Mr. Prime minister - listen to your own voice. Be a little honest at least, you'd said that they were unlucky but you are an inauspicious man that during your reign the diesel and petrol prices have shot up. These are your words. I have never said so because I haven't seen his horoscope. So I can't say if he's inauspicious, bad omen or unlucky. But I am talking about his words. When he used to say that the rupee against dollar is so high that it is nearing the age of the then prime minister. Today I'd say that mr. Prime minister the words used by you were disrespectful. Our culture and traditions don't allow us to say such things but I would like to say that rupee against dollar is so high that is even crossing your mother's age.

Not only are Babbar's remarks a new low, but they also do not reflect the truth about the rate of the Rupee or fuel prices, which have rallied remarkably over the past few weeks aided by the falling rate of crude oil, among other factors.

Raj Babbar's remarks follow some stunning and shameful remarks by Congress leaders over the past few days, particularly CP Joshi's class slur at the Prime Minister and Uma Bharti, wherein he questioned their caste as well as the right of non-Brahmins to speak about Hinduism, and Kamal Nath's video where he resolved to play the Muslim card in the Madhya Pradesh elections, citing 'unless we (Congress) get 90% Muslim votes, we are finished'.

Babbar had also courted high controversy in Chhattisgarh as days after the Maoist ambush in Dantewada in which a DD journalist and three Security forces personnel were martyred, he hailed the Maoists as revolutionaries.

The BJP has sought an immediate apology for Babbar's remarks at the Prime Minister's mother.  

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