National Approval Ratings: In Nagaland, NDA Projected To Retain The Lone Seat As UPA Likely To Record Another Loss

Nagaland Lok Sabha Elections

Republic TV and CVoter have released the National Approval Ratings which captures the mood of the nation if the elections were to take place in March.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

With the dates for the all-important Lok Sabha polls now announced, the various political parties and the citizens of India have complete clarity on exactly when the country will once again undertake the largest exercise in democracy anywhere in the world. To present a snapshot projection of where the various parties stand at the moment in different states, Republic TV and CVoter have published the National Approval Ratings which present a complete picture of what would happen if elections are held today.

With 1 seat in its kitty, here is the projection for the state of Nagaland:

Seat Share

  • UPA: 0 seats
  • NDA: 1 seat

Vote Share

  • UPA: 31.5%
  • NDA: 45.5%

Read: National Approval Ratings: In Nagaland, NDA Projected To Retain Lone Lok Sabha Seat

Comparison to previous National Approval Ratings:

The number projected for BJP and Congress in terms of seat-share maintains a status quo. The BJP retained the seat in Nagaland whereas for Congress it is another loss. However, the Congress had gained in terms of vote share with a marginal increase of 1.3% in 2014. The NDA had gained big as it is projected to grab both the Lok Sabha.

(The results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections may or may not reflect the results or scenarios of the state assembly elections, nevertheless, to establish where we stand at present, Republic TV and CVoter has presented the National Approval Ratings.)


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