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BJP Questions AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal Over 'Muslim Vote Transferred To Congress In Last Moment' Claim, Asks Him What Device He Has That Gives Him Such Information

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  • BJP retaliated to Arvind Kejriwal's communal remark
  • BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain asked what device was the AAP chief using the know the detect the religion of the person. 

BJP called out Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal's 'Muslim vote shifted to Congress' saying that 'Hindu or Muslim' is not written on votes. 

Questioning his 'secularism', the BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain asked what device was the AAP chief using the know the detect the religion of the person. 

He said, "Would he even look at votes with the lens of Hindu and Muslim? Kejriwal sahaab when the people of the Muslim community voted for you, even then you wouldn't have known because 'Hindu or Muslim' is not written on votes. The Election Commission should tell, what is this? Kejriwal is abusing the Muslims, he is saying Muslim votes have shifted and he hasn't got them? What is this." 

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"How is this secularism? Without counting how does he know? What device does he have that tells him Hindu voted for whom, Muslim voted for whom, Dalit voted for whom or Adivasi voted for whom. The results are not out yet, while abusing Modiji now they're abusing the Muslims?" he added. 

Commenting on Arvind Kejriwal's analysis of AAP's performance in the national capital, Congress leader Sheila Dikshit said votes shifted towards Congress because of Delhi Chief Minister's bad record. 

This comes after Kejriwal in an interview to a news daily while commenting on the outcome of the Lok Sabha polls, said, "13% of the Muslim votes got shifted to Congress in the state at last moment." 

Dikshit told ANI, "Nobody asked people to just vote for me. They vote for us because our record is such. So, if people are supporting Congress, then it is a reflection on Kejriwal's record."

"I don't know what he is trying to say. Everyone has a right to vote whichever party he/she wants to vote for and the people of Delhi did not understand nor liked his governance model," she added. 

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The Delhi Congress chief also expressed confidence that her party would come back to power in the state with a thumping majority. 

"We will win and there is no doubt about it. Be it Muslim, Sikh, or anyone for that matter, every voter is important for us. We don't discriminate anyone based on their religion. Everyone including Muslims, Dalits, backward classes, women and all other sections of the society strongly supported us," she added.

Delhi's 7 seats where in fray and went to polls on May 12 as the capital city recorded a voter-turn out of 60%

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