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WATCH: 'I Have Five Women Around Me, I Know How Much I Respect Women,' Says Gautam Gambhir Counter-accusing Arvind Kejriwal Of Playing Dirty Politics Over Derogatory Pamphlets Against Atishi Marlena

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Gautam Gambhir has said that he will file a defamation suit against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal over AAP's allegations that he (Gambhir) spread derogatory pamphlets about Atishi Marlena

The tussle between the opponents for the election to the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency witnessed a major development on Thursday as AAP's Atishi Marlena accused BJP's contender Gautam Gambhir of distributing derogatory pamphlets about her. 

Categorically dismissing to the serious allegation, the cricketer-turned-politician counter-accused Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal of 'stooping very low' for electoral gains, and said that he would file a defamation case against him. 

He said, "I just knew one rule, you come to serve the country, to do good for people but someone can stoop down to that level. I am ashamed that I live in that state, I was born there and studied there. I feel ashamed that Arvind Kejriwal is my Chief Minister. Before this, there were only ideological differences, but if I knew that such a person is the chief minister of my state, I would've left the state. Maybe that's why good people don't come into politics, because in politics there are people like Arvind Kejriwal."

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"We will file defamation case. Because if you don't have proof, you can't say such things. I have never said anything wrong about any person during my campaign and since day one I had told all my workers that you will not critise any individual candidate, or say anything negative, but they can stoop down to this level, who is the Chief Minister of the state, I am shamed that I have to speak about such a person," he added.  

The BJP leader further asserted that he has five women in his life and has immense respect for women. He reiterated his challenge to the AAP chief, asking him to quit politics in case he fails to provide evidence. 

He said, "I come from a family where I have five women around me, my grandmother, my mother, my wife and my two little ones. I know how important women are in my life and in this world, I know how much I respect women. If someone can go down to this level against someone who just joined politics 15 days back. I am ashamed to call him my CM. I wish I never lived in a state where I have a CM like Arvind Kejriwal. I am just 15 days old, I don't know the rules and regulations. The only rule I know when I joined politics was to serve the people of this country, my constituency and my state. Why people say that politics is a dirty game, not good people want to come into politics, because of people like Arvind Kejriwal. If human can go down to this level just to win an elections. I come from a profession, where even if it was a World Cup final you want to play fair cricket and try to win. This was just an election, why do you want to malign someone's image."

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"I had already tweeted that if they can get proof I will resign right now, but does Arvind Kejriwal have the courage? If he does not get the proof he will leave politics forever on May 23? He's got time till 23rd," he added. 

AAP's East Delhi candidate Atishi Marlena on Thursday alleged that her opponent Gautam Gambhir circulated pamphlets that questioned her morals and contained objectionable and deeply offensive remarks about her. Addressing a press briefing in the matter, Atishi broke down while reading the contents of the pamphlet.