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PM Modi Interview: "Dynasty Has The Worst Influence On Any Democracy," Says PM Modi Detailing The 'true Definition' Of Dynasty

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • In his first election interview, PM Modi has put out the 'true definition' of dynasty and dissected what the term means to him

With less than two weeks remaining for the all-important seven-phase 2019 Lok Sabha polls to begin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave his first election interview to Republic Media Network and intricately spoke of the issue looming in politics- dynasty. 

In a conversation with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, PM Modi delved into the depth of the issue of dynastic politics, and tagged it to be a 'danger to democracy'

He said, "This is not my problem. Dynasty has the worst influence on any democracy. This is a danger to democracy. Modi has no problem. I don't even oppose this (that) if some politician's son contests an election, that’s not what I call dynastic." 

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"Those parties that are fully run by a family. If one family member is not heading it, another family member steps in. The party doesn’t go out of the control of the family. It's all about one family. This is dynastic. Some people, in order to protect them, give small examples of how the father is an MP, the son is a corporator, the daughter is a mayor, this is not the same dynasty. Though we must safeguard against that too, I believe." 

He further put out the 'true definition' of a dynasty and dissected what the term means to him. 

He said, "But, there is a difference, a big difference. A party that entirely runs like a personal company of a family, where you know with certainty that no one else can become president, without that family’s wishes no one can become the treasurer, even if the family calls them, joins them, this is dynastic. There is a responsibility to put out the true definition of dynasty before the nation and it is the responsibility of those in the media like you. The people of the country should be educated on this too."   

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