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PM Modi Interview: "Earlier, People Asked Who Is This Person? Who Exactly Is Modi. Now They Know," Says Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ahead Of The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

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  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given his first interview since kicking off his 2019 Lok Sabha election blitz
  • 'When it's the issue of security, people know what Modi has done, when it is about the upliftment of the poor, people know what Modi has done' PM Modi said.
  • Speaking of the polls, PM Modi said that 'all of NDA allies will win with more numbers from the previous time'

Days before the country goes to polls to undertake the largest exercise in democratic franchise anywhere in the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview encompassed the electoral mood of the nation and spoke about how after five years in his post, the people had come to know a lot more about him, citing various facets.

In conversation with Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared how people have become familiar with him, aware of his nature and confident of his policies and approach towards national security.

He elaborated on 'the need for a stable government', saying, "In the previous elections, when I used to talk about an absolute majority, primarily the debate used to be about how 'Modi is flying, he has no knowledge about things outside of Gujarat, Modi is just saying things'. But people of this country made it happen. India witnessed 30 years of instability in politics. The nation is not against the coalition. But India wants stability and that is why the major partner in a coalition should get absolute majority and the others should also get strong numbers so that they can help in running the country smoothly." 

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"In the last five years, the good work we were able to do, one reason behind it was the mandate of the people of this country. People elected a government with an absolute majority. Whenever I meet a global leader, when a leader who has come to power with an absolute majority, even the world looks at him with a different perspective. That is why, the people of this country, don't want to take India towards instability. Secondly, voter between the age of 30-40 has seen the difference between 30 years of political instability and a 5-year government elected with a total majority. A voter above the 30-40 age group very well understands the difference." 

He further noted how NDA will flourish with an absolute majority and win more seats than the Lok Sabha 2014 elections. 

He said, "So, people have made up their mind that if a government if elected, it should be elected with a total majority and in my personal experience and my understanding of politics and as a student of political science, there will be great progress from the previous time. Earlier, people asked who is this person? Who exactly is Modi? Now they know. When it's the issue of security, people know what Modi has done, when it is about the upliftment of the poor, people know what Modi has done. People know about Modi's policies, Modi's nature." 

"And how Modi works. People of this country are witnessing all this and that is why I believe, in this election, BJP will come to power with an absolute majority and will get more number of seats from the previous time and all of NDA allies will win with more numbers from the previous time. Thirdly, there are few areas in which we feel we lack, this time the people of this country won't let us feel that lacking. In a few areas, if our representation is less, even there, people of this country will give us strength," he added. 

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