PM Narendra Modi Interview

PM Modi Interview | "If The Nation Is Harmed, They Will Have To Suffer," Says PM Modi Assuring That Law Will Perform Its Role Irrespective Of 'who Is Our Own, Who Is Not'

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • 'There is nothing hard or soft, national interest is supreme' says PM Modi
  • He further said that interests against the nation will be dealt by law

With the countdown underway until the country undertakes the largest exercise in democracy anywhere in the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network stated how 'national interest is supreme'.

Ranging from what he believes is necessary for a healthy democracy, such as his reasons for why the people of India will choose a government with absolute majority, to matters of national security such as the Pulwama terror attack, the subsequent IAF airstrikes on Pakistan's Balakot terror base and India's recent 'Mission Shakti' A-SAT success, to detailing his government's actions on corruption and fugitive absconders, the Prime Minister addressed a plethora of issues that are likely to determine the election outcome on May 23 when the vote-counting is held.

In a conversation with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, when PM Modi was asked if he could go hard on the likes Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, the separatists in Kashmir, Maoist supporters, economic fraudsters or even the Tukde Tukde gang, he responded saying that a matter against national interest will be handled by the law.

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He said, "There is nothing like hard or soft. National interest is supreme. And in any matter which is against national interest, the law will perform its role. It won't be about who is our own, who is not." 

Furthermore added that is the nation is harmed, 'they will have to suffer'

He said, "If some are opposed to me, it is not a crime. They have a right. But if the nation is harmed, they will have to suffer."

PM Modi spoke about his role towards the people of the nation. "Accept that the people of this country have assigned me a job. I don't have the right to live for myself. Whatever time the people of this country allow me to do that, I will work for the nation. On his role given to him by the people of India."

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