PM Modi Interview: 'No Word Left In The Dictionary That They've Not Used Against Me', PM Modi On Opposition' Using Foul Language Against Him

PM Narendra Modi Interview

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave his first election interview, speaking on a wide range of topics with Republic Media Network Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave his first election interview, speaking on a wide range of topics with Republic Media Network Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. As the country is set to celebrate largest festival of democracy, Prime Minister discussed the electoral mood of the nation. He also stated that the most important point of democracy is 'voter-centric elections'. 

However, time and again the Opposition has resorted to unconstitutional language for attacking the Prime Minister. From 'Chaiwala' to 'Neech', PM Modi took on the 'gaali politics' of the Opposition and spoke about how he turned their latest 'Chowkidar' jibe into a massive BJP campaign #MaiBhiChowkidar, starting with an anecdote about the infamous 'Chaiwala' attack.  

"Look, I will go into the background of this and take some time, if your viewers don't mind. As far as 'chaiwala' is concerned, I've been a Chief Minister. (I've been) Gujarat longest serving Chief Minister but you never heard about chaiwala or anything about my family. I kept myself far from such things. But when my candidature for the Prime Minister's post was announced, some people out of curiosity, tried finding out about my childhood. They had no wrong intentions, but some people declared awards saying that if someone who had tea made by Modi will be given these many lakhs in reward".

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"It went to this extent. So when the chaiwala issue came up, I was a parliamentarian, my party had announced my candidature for Prime Ministership, then the issue came up and suddenly people started abusing me for being a chaiwala. Then with pride I said, yes I come from a humble background, I am from a simple family. I spent my childhood selling tea. I had to say this and so I said it. Otherwise, when I was Chief Minister, neither did I ever talk about it nor did anyone ever raise it. It came up after so many years. As far as chowkidar is concerned, I used the word for myself and it was a part of my 2013 - 2014 campaign and in that chowkidar wasn't an institution, chowkidar is a spirit. Chowkidar doesn't mean cap, whistle and stick. Mahatma Gandhi used to talk about the principle of trusteeship. Chowkidar in a way is an embodiment of the principle of trusteeship. It's the simplified word for trusteeship.  That I will work according to the principle of trusteeship, I will work like a chowkidar. I am not the one to take bribes. It's that spirit and I was working with that spirit. That is why, when they tried attacking that spirit and used uncivilised language, then it became important for me to tell the country that, the reasons for which I am being abused, I am that. Now you decide", he added. 

Talking about opposition's pattern to use abusive language, PM Modi said:

So saying anything, anywhere...You just listed 4 abuses, there's no word left in the dictionary that they not used against me.

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