PM Narendra Modi Interview

PM Modi Interview: "This Family Will Not Occupy Power In This Country Ever Again," States PM Modi Making A Big Statement Against The Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • PM Modi urged that the Gandhi dynasty's track record must be checked and how the narrative of the fourth generation is also about 'poverty'

With the countdown underway until the country undertakes the largest exercise in democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network making a big statement towards the dynasty said that the Gandhi-Vadra family will never return to power again. 

In a conversation with Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, PM Modi urged that the Gandhi dynasty's track record must be checked. He further said that the narrative of the fourth generation Gandhi-Nehru dynasty is also about 'poverty' but despite that, the poor have become poorer. He also pointed out how their manifesto for farmers have not been executed since 2004.

He said, "Their track record should be seen. One family for four generations - Nehruji spoke about poverty, Indiraji also spoke about poverty, Rajiv Gandhi also spoke about poverty, Sonia Gandhi also spoke about poverty and now the fifth generation is also talking about poverty. And these are the people who have ruled the country for 55 years. It has been only them ruling for 55 years. Despite that, their track record shows that the poor have become poorer.  Who will trust them? The issue is not that...This is not about the economy."

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"Thirdly, when they know that they won't form the government, they think what's wrong in making these baseless claims? You should see their 2004 manifesto. They had said that we will give debt to farmers in 2004, they repeated the same in 2009. Did you ask them these questions? They still have not executed it. It's only after I came to power that it was executed. They did not do it. Even if you look at their record in state elections. They announced to give the youth this kind of benefits. It's written down, but they did not. Just see their track record. You don't even have to reach to talk about the economy. They know that they are not coming to power, so say whatever," he added.  

He further enlisted the achievements of the Modi government of providing electricity, toilets to the poor.  

He said, "The Modi govt has provided electricity connection to 2.5 crore families, do you consider that work? Are there 2.5 crores super rich in this country - have I provided electricity to their homes? I made 9 crore toilets. Are the 9 crore toilets for Mukesh Ambani and Adanis? I have made 1.25 crore homes, are they for Mukesh Ambani? Is he homeless? Did I make it for them? What are they saying? You should ask this question to them. Your question is correct, but the address is wrong. People who say things with no basis... Someone should show the courage to ask them the questions." 

The Prime Minister further went on to make a stern statement that the dynasty will not come back in power in India. 

He said, "And I am telling you that this family will not occupy power in this country ever again. Don't be scared, ask them this question with courage. Don't be scared. Yes..They are the ones. The only such family in the country. They have ruled India for 55 years. The people of this country are not ready to accept them anymore." 

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