Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 Results: LIVE UPDATES

Rajasthan Elections News

Vote counting for the state of Rajasthan begins at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, LIVE updates below.

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Vote counting for the state of Rajasthan begins at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, LIVE updates below.
Update at 8:50 PM
10 months ago

Vasundhara Raje addresses news briefing conceding defeat in the Rajasthan assembly elections.

Update at 8:50 PM
10 months ago

Election Commissions' trend for Madhya Pradesh:

  • Congress- 113 seats
  • BJP- 110
Update at 8:48 PM
10 months ago

Ak Antony and Mallikarjun Kharge appointed as observers for Madhya Pradesh by Congress party.

Update at 6:15 AM
10 months ago

Congress leader Ashok Gehlot has called this a "grand victory" of Congress, drawing criticism at PM Modi and BJP leader Amit Shah. 

"This is a grand victory. We are forming a government in 3 states what can be better than that? The way Rahul Gandhi ji tackled Modi ji and Amit Shah ji in Gujarat, after that graph of Congress is going up and the graph of Modi ji is constantly going down. It's a sign." 

Update at 4:52
10 months ago

As the Congress party wins 12 seats in Rajasthan and holds a three-digit numbered seat in the state, the celebrations seem to have begun. 

Visuals of Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot and other Congress leaders in Jaipur, can be seen celebrating.


Update at 4:50 PM
10 months ago

Pertaining to the vote count, not flowing in the favour of BJP, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has leveraged this opportunity to lash out at the Centre, claiming that "this is the beginning of BJP's end." 

With time, as the votes swing on the side of Congress, Banerjee affirmed her support to the party saying, "Its a big defeat for BJP. We have given full support to Congress and at the end we are together. 

She added, "BJP is unconstitutionally using the government agencies for their own motives. People of India have not forgotten demonetisation. People from every section of the society are against BJP. It is the beginning of BJP's end. BJP faced big loss in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and if the other states go for polls now, BJP will be defeated miserably." 


Update at 4:01 PM
10 months ago

Congress leader of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot tweeted attacking the Modi government for being "arrogant" 

"A government should be taken forward by taking people along. Modi ji made a mistake, he had got a complete majority, he should not have been arrogant. If he wanted he could have taken the Opposition along. Whatever was in the favour of the people of this country and India, he could have taken advice from Congress because we have the experience of 70 years." 


Update at 3:49 PM
10 months ago

Congress leader extends his gratitude to the people of Rajasthan for his victory in Tonk with a majority. And he looks forward to building Rajasthan into a developed state in which every section of the society progresses. 


Update at 3:46 PM:
10 months ago

Congress calls for a meeting with their MLAs in Jaipur on Wednesday at noon. 

Update at 3:28 PM:
10 months ago

Sources tell that a meeting is being conducted inside CM Vasundhara Raje's residence with several local leaders. They are strategizing over 15 seats that are marginally ahead of where counting is still going on. 

The party believes that they can still turn the tables around in their favour as nothing is done until the counting is finished. As per sources they are still in constant communication with independent candidates 

Update at 3:00 PM
10 months ago

Sachin Pilot wins Tonk seat.

Update at 2:56 PM
10 months ago

Rameshwar Dudi, Congress leader and leader of the opposition in the Rajasthan assembly, has lost from the Nokha constituency. He was touted as a potential CM candidate, though as an also-ran to Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot

Update at 2:43 PM
10 months ago

Ashok Gehlot declared the winner from Sardarpura seat.

Update at 2:34 PM:
10 months ago

Congress holds its three-digit number with 101 seats, leading way above BJP, who stand with 76 seats and 22 seats for Others. 


Update at 1:58 PM
10 months ago

BJP leader and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara BJP wins a seat from Jhalrapatan. At the moment, the trend is inclined towards Congress with 100 seats in their kitty, followed by 76 seats for BJP and 23 for Other. 


Update at 1:30 PM
10 months ago

Congress President Rahul Gandhi reaches Sonia Gandhi's residence, 10 Janpath

Update at 1:17 PM
10 months ago

As the Congress numbers touch the three-digit mark again, senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot is confident about the party's performance in the five states. 

"Congress has won the mandate. Numbers can go up and down but the public's mandate is in the favour of Congress. We will get a clear majority, still, we would want independent candidates and parties other than BJP to support us if they want," Mr Gehlot said while addressing the media.


Update 1:14 PM
10 months ago

Rahul Gandhi likely to address the media at 2:30 PM from AICC headquarters

Update at 12:59 PM
10 months ago

After the trends favoured Congress in Rajasthan, leader Sachin Pilot addressing the media said, "Congress is inching towards a clear majority. This is a vote against BJP's policy, this is a clear majority. BJP needs to introspect after three losses on their governed states."


Update at 12:42
10 months ago

Congress has fallen from the three-digit mark to 99 seats, and BJP is still at 74 seats, while the Other secure 26 seats.



Update at 12:20 PM
10 months ago

Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot has assured that the Congress party would form a government and that the party is open to a coalition with Others. 

He said, "We will make our government. If independent or others would like to join us, then they are welcome." 

Lashing out at BJP he said, "Rahul Gandhi had done it in Gujarat and after that BJP could not stand. They can't give any answers to issues. Now you will see that the situation is getting worse. RBI Governor had also resigned. Rahul Gandhi has raised the issues of farmers, unemployment, Rafale, Jai Shah. It is a sign of the coming Parliament election. Neither ache din had come nor black money. Modi ji should not be proud of his mandate, and he would not be if he would have good advisors not someone like Ajeet Dobhal." 

He added, "Congress has an experience of 70 years. Modiji has forgotten that. Our economy is getting worsening by the day. BJP has done their politics on the basis of money. Where is BJP getting money from? Demonetisation is a scam. All other parties have to forget their differences and come together and throw away BJP." 


Update at 11:51 AM
10 months ago

Sachin Pilot addresses the media as celebrations continue, following vote counting where Congress surpasses a three-digit mark, leading from BJP



Update at 11:41 AM
10 months ago

As Congress leaps way ahead of BJP in Rajasthan securing a majority with a three-digit mark, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje  avoids reporters' questions, while celebrations precede outside Sachin Pilot's residence


Update at 11:27 AM:
10 months ago

The assembly election vote counting has been unkind to BJP as the party failed to emerge as a majority in any of the five states.

Addressing this loss, Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee in a series of tweets has lashed out at the BJP government. 


Update 11:25 AM
10 months ago

Congress leader Sachin Pilot said, "Trends make it clear that Congress is forming government in Rajasthan with full majority, we had 21 seats last time. We should wait for the final numbers. Congress leadership and MLAs will decide who will get what role." 

He added, "Rahul Gandhi became party president exactly a year ago this day, so this result is a gift for him. Congress will form Govt in three states." 

At the moment, Congress has crossed the three-digit mark with 101 seats, while BJP lags behind with 78 seats and 20 for Others. 

Update at 11:06 AM:
10 months ago

As Congress passes a three-digit mark in the state, senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said, "Rahul ji will decide on Chief Minister." 

Out of the 199 seats, Congress is leading with 101 seats, BJP second with 80 seats and 18 for Others.




Update at 10:40 AM:
10 months ago

As BJP trails with 81 seats behind Congress with 100 seats in the state, here are the visuals from the BJP office in Jaipur.


Update at 10:35 AM
10 months ago

Pertaining to the on-going vote counting of the five state assembly elections, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has tweeted confounding the Rajasthan numbers, that suggests a close-call between BJP and Congress.

At the moment, Congress is on a massive lead with 102 seats, BJP following with 79 seats and 18 seats for Others.


Update at 10:26 AM
10 months ago

Congress still maintaining its ground in the state with 96 seats, BJP trailing with a double-digit gap with 84 seats and 17 seats for Others. 


Update at 10:10 AM
10 months ago

As the assembly vote count proceeds, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, "These are early trends. We hope to perform well." 

At the moment, BJP is trailing with 82 seats and Congress ahead with 93 seats. 

Update at 10:00 AM
10 months ago

Soaring in the state, Congress is leading with 93 seats, followed by BJP with 79 seats and 16 for Others. 


Update at 9:47 AM
10 months ago

Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje leading by 4055 votes from Jhalrapatan, Congress' Ashok Gehlot leading by 5112 votes from Sardarpura.

Congress is on a promising double-digit lead in the state with 89 seats, followed by BJP with 79 seats. 


Update at 9:31 AM
10 months ago

Pertaining to the on-going Assembly results, Sensex at 34,458.86, down by over 500 points


Update at 9:26 AM
10 months ago

Congress still consistent with its lead, with 87 seats, with BJP trailing with 73 seats and 9 for Others. 


Update at 9:15 AM
10 months ago

As the trends have been favouring Congress in Rajasthan, the party has begun early celebrations outside Sachin Pilot's residence. 

Congress currently holds 69 seats, with BJP rigorously following with 64 seats and closing the gap. 

10 months ago

Congress leader Digvijay Singh said, "It is too early. Anything can be said only after 12 PM. Leads only postal ballots have come till now. I am confident that in Madhya Pradesh, Congress will form the government. We have a favourable situation in Rajasthan as well as in Chhattisgarh."

At the moment, Congress is leading Rajasthan with 64 seats, followed by 52 seats for BJP and 2 for Others. 

Update at 8:56 AM
10 months ago

Congress Rajasthan president Sachin Pilot is leading from Tonk district in the state. Currently, Congress has won 58 seats, with BJP slowly following with 45 seats and 2 seats for Others.  


Update at 8:43 AM
10 months ago

Witnessing a consistent lead in Rajasthan, Congress with 43 seats is already equipped with celebrations as they bring in firecrackers to the Jaipur and Delhi office


Update at 8:40 AM
10 months ago

As trends flow in, Congress can be seen in a massive lead in Rajasthan with 28, followed by BJP with 12 seats and 1 seat for others.



Update at 8:34 AM
10 months ago

Congress with a lead in Rajasthan with 23 seats, compared to 9 seats of BJP and none for others

Update at 8:26 AM
10 months ago

As the initial trends come in, Congress has secured 8 seats and 5 seats for BJP. 



10 months ago

Counting of votes in all five states have begun. 


Update at 6:40 AM
10 months ago

The incumbent Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje ahead of the vote counting has left her residence to visit the Tripura Sundari temple in Udaipur.


10 months ago

All eyes are on Rajasthan on counting day with the Congress clearly expecting to displace the BJP to score its first direct electoral victory since Punjab. The state went to polls for 199 of 200 seats on December 7 and exit polls, bar one, are unanimous that the Rahul Gandhi-led party will be able to reverse the humbling it received in 2013 when the BJP and Vasundhara Raje won with an overwhelming majority. The state has had a recent trend of voting out the incumbent. However, one exit poll at least has the BJP and Congress neck-and-neck.

Other talking points involve the Congress's Chief Ministerial face, which hasn't yet been announced, though there has been plenty of talk of internal friction between the camps of former CM Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot.

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