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In a last-ditch attempt to save face over allegations of minority appeasement in its Telangana election manifesto, the Congress has made one stunning change in its latest draft. 

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In a last-ditch attempt to save face over allegations of minority appeasement in its Telangana election manifesto, the Congress has made one stunning change in its latest draft. Whereas in the earlier draft the Congress had proposed hospitals catering exclusively to the Muslim community, the new draft, also accessed by Republic TV, contains a single amendment -- the line has been changed to "more hospitals accessible to minorities".

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The controversy comes to light after the draft of the Congress' manifesto in the poll-bound state, which is to be released by party president Rahul Gandhi, spoke about implementing various measures for 'Muslims only', including schools and hospitals, and also, free electricity for Mosques.

Here's what Republic TV's editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami had to say about this recent change in Telangana Congress Manifesto on The Debate:

"Before it was caught red-handed, the Congress had decided in its manifesto in Telangana that there must be hospitals in which only Muslims are admitted. So, if you are a Hindu, Sikh or a Buddhist, you cannot be admitted to a only Muslim hospital and unless you are a Muslim then no doctor will see you. And regardless what your condition is--whether you are in emergency situation or not--if you are a Hindu then you will be told to get out of the hospital. That's the Congress Party's plan. The Congress also decided that there should be free electricity for Mosques and Churches exclusively but no free electricity for in Hindu temples or Sikh Gurudwaras. And when it was caught red-handed, the Congress had also decided that Muslim youth must get special consideration in jobs over Hindu youth or Sikh youths or other non-Muslim youth. Only Muslim youth should get special consideration in jobs. And the Congress further in the manifesto wanted to make Urdu the second language in Telangana and also this is important, look at the levels of discrimination, say that Muslim students should be given a massive 20 lakh Rupee lone each for higher studies. Only for Muslim youth and not for Hindu youth--only Muslim. This template and plan of the Congress which the pseudo-liberals don not want to talk about is essentially aimed at making India in the long run--a Muslim first country--starting with Telangana. Muslim first Telangana and then Muslim first India. Muslim first, other minorities later and Hindus last. The fact that this is in an official election manifesto makes the plan clear. Go all out and be the party for Muslim even if that means making all other and Hindus second-class citizens, don't hesitate to do so. I ask you tonight Who does Rahul Gandhi thinks he is to make India a Muslim fist nation? We cannot be Muslim first and we cannot be Hindu first. No other religion, not Islam not Hinduism". 

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