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Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections

"Azam Khan Told Me, 'If You Stay Here (government guest House), Your House Will Be Bulldozed'', Recounts Jaya Prada Aboard The R.Bharat Bus

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • BJP candidate of Rampur Jaya Prada spoke exclusively on Azam Khan aboard the R.Bharat bus in Rampur
  • She has recounted the humiliating treatment meted out by Azam Khan in 2009 saying: 'Azam Khan said 'If you stay here (government guest house), your house will be bulldozed.'

In an exclusive interview with R.Bharat on Wednesday, aboard the R.Bharat bus, BJP candidate for the Rampur constituency has detailed her traumatic experience with the current Rampur MLA Azam Khan.

On being asked about the change in her relationship dynamics with Azam Khan and the Samajwadi Party(SP) she said that she was unsure of why she was treated as a stranger among her kin (referring to SP) and slammed SP leaders for not supporting her.

"I also don't know, why this change has happened. We (SP) have done a lot of work for the people in 2004. But in 2009, everything just was destroyed. Somehow I had become a stranger among my own kin (Apno mein Paraya). Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Singh too started treating me like a stranger. Even after making me an MLA, no leader supported me against the atrocities done by Azam Khan. I don't know what crime I have committed, that I was pushed into an aloof environment. This is still a question mark," she said. 

Recounting about the humiliating treatment meted out by Azam Khan, she said that had not been allowed to avail of the government guesthouse facilities at Rampur, inspite of being the ruling MLA of Rampur in 2009.

" Inspite being a ruling MLA in 2009, I could not stay in Rampur after working for the whole day. Immediately, I would get a call from Azam Khan saying 'If you stay here (government guest house), your house will be bulldozed. Even for eating meals, I could not avail the guest house. I would eat in my car or in some constituent's house. I used to roam 12 villages and used to return to the hotel at midnight. They always told me there was no room," she added. 

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Speaking about the treatment of women in SP, she said, "while we are talking of 33% reservation for women in the Parliament, I don't think we talk about gender equality."

On being asked about her breakdown at a recent Rampur rally she said, "it hurts me whenever someone speaks of it. Somehow my eyes well up. I can't forget that sort of treatment was meted out to a woman."

When asked about how she handled the various defamatory remarks said against her in a public domain, she said that the love of the people in her constituency and their warm welcome despite her long hiatus from active politics gave her the strength.

"I used to cry a lot before, on listening to such statements. I had been accustomed to a contrasting life when in Mumbai. People still go crazy for my acting and yearn to see me. When I left my career and I reached Rampur, I got a lot of love from the people. Even though I have not been in active politics for the last 10 years, the way the people have welcomed me is overwhelming," she further said. 



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