Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections

Mayawati Issues Caveat-laden Praise For EC, Appeals To Opposition Parties To Not Cross Limits With Their Words Despite Provocation

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • BSP supremo Mayawati has appealed to fellow Opposition parties to remain calm during the election campaign despite provocations from the opposite camp
  • She said that the Opposition is being attacked for their speeches, even though the BJP and PM Modi have been also been using foul language
  • She further questioned the autonomy of the EC

Days after BSP supremo Mayawati was banned from campaigning for 48 hours by the EC on her appeal to the Muslim community to cast their vote in favour of Gathbandhan in a speech at Deoband in Uttar Pradesh, she said that politicians should keep their calm even if they are provoked by their opponents. 

In a series of tweets on the second phase of elections which are taking place on Thursday, she first attacked the BJP saying:

"In the second phase of elections, BJP and PM Modi seem to be very nervous just as the Congress was agitated fearing defeat in the last Lok Sabha elections. The real reason is their narrow thinking and plight of the poor, the labourers, the farmers, as well as Dalits, backward and Muslim of all society."

She then went on to say that even if the opponents provoke, political leaders should not lose calm while campaigning. 

"Despite provocations from the opposite camp to make comments on each-other, one should not cross the limits and should keep their calm. If we do this, BJP will get a chance to hide their weakness and they will influence people.  Only if the poll body will have a strict eye on the party in power, only then the people will trust."

She added that even PM Modi and other politicians of the BJP were using distasteful and inappropriate words during their campaign.

"During the campaign, despite all the accusations on the Opposition about using abuses as well as distasteful and dishonourable terms, PM Modi and all other politicians of the BJP were also loose with what they said."

She then concluded by saying that the 'Supreme Court's comment on the EC that it is not as weak as it looks is sending a message'. 

"Respected Supreme Court saying that the EC is not as weak and helpless as it looks, is a relief. But this perception should be investigated that if the poll body is really working independently and in an unbiased manner or is it bowing down under the pressure of Centre"?

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SC saying EC's not weak is a relief