Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections

WATCH: Azam Khan Hurls Horrific Remark At Rampur Collector; Threatens Him That He Will Pay A Heavy Price For Asking People To Vote For BJP

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:

In a shocking continuation of distasteful remarks made in his speech at Rampur in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has made a horrific addition targeting the Rampur collector, minutes after accusing PM Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath of plotting to kill him.

Azam Khan said in a personal remark on Rampur's Collector: "The Collector of Rampur should kick his mother's womb because she gave birth to such a person. They fire on us, they kill us and they have taken away licences of all our weapons. We have not opened gambling shops or alcohol shops in Rampur, but we have opened schools for children. He has said 'don't trust the politicians because they have  a habit of lying'. But he has asked people to vote for BJP. Collector sahab, you will pay a heavy price of this."

Taking forward his controversial speech, he said:

"Within one month this Collector has made Rampur a hell. He has not left any point to provoke a riot in Rampur."

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In the same speech Khan had claimed that he is 'defenceless' and the Modi-Yogi government is conspiring to 'kill' him, adding that they will use all tactics to win the polls. 

"Rampur's candidates have come here to kill me. All my licences have been cancelled. I am defenseless. All the licences of my family have been cancelled. The Modi government and Yogi government are planning a conspiracy to get me killed. You can decide. They will try every wrong tactic. They will play with the machines (EVMs). They will try all crooked ways," the Samajwadi Party leader.

On Saturday, Azam Khan also made a personal and classist statement against Yogi Adityanath, calling the UP CM "neech". 

"Is it a sin to give water to Muslims in your religion? Then why did Yogiji cut of water connection of my children. You will stoop this low? Arre neech! Against how many officers will you file cases?...", said Khan while addressing a public rally.

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