WATCH: BJP's Jaya Prada levels Sensational Charges Against SP's Azam Khan, Says 'my Indecent Photos Were Circulated In Rampur'

Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections

The BJP candidate for the Rampur constituency, actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada has levelled sensation charges against Samajwadi leader Azam Khan on Saturday.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

The BJP candidate for the Rampur constituency, actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada has levelled sensational charges against Samajwadi leader Azam Khan on Saturday. While addressing a gather in Rampur, BJP candidate alleged that "her indecent photos were circulated and even after seeking help from Mulayam Singh Yadav, no politician tried to save her'. 

"Azam Khan ji aap bataye maine aapko bhai kaha lekin aapne mujhe hardum behen ke naam pe baadua diya hai. Aapne mujhe itna zalil kar diya hai. Mera itna aapman kiya hai. Mere behno mai aapko kehna chahte hoon, apne ghar mai bhi bahi behen hote hai par kya humare bhai iss nazar se dekhtey hai ke mai nachne wale hoon? Mai pajeeb hoon. Iss tharha ke avaidya shabd ka istmal karke, mujhe, ek auraat ko zallil kiya hai. Yeh mai bardaash nahi kar paye. Issiliye mai Rampur chodke jana chachati thi. Mere aupaar humla hua hai par koi mujhe bachane nahi aaya. Aadarniya Mulayam ji ko bhi maine bataya ke mere ashlel tasveer Rampur mai ghuma rahe hai. Mujhe bataye. Lekin yaha koi neta mere bachao mai nahi aaye. Issiye majboori mai mujhe jana pada. Mujhe nikala gaya. Mai vo jaya Prada nahi hoon jo aap soch rahe hai. Yoh jai Prada alag hai aur yeh Jaya Prada alag hai".

(Azam Khan sahib, tell me, I called you brother, but you, at every moment, wished ill for me in the name of calling me his sister. You have insulted me so much, brought me so much shame. All of you, the women amongst us, I want to tell you, we have brothers, sisters and everyone else in our home. Do our brothers ever look at us in such a way that I am a dancer? By using terms such as these, I have been insulted as a woman. This I cannot tolerate. That is why I wished to leave Rampur. I have been attacked. But no one even made an effort to help me here. I even told the honourable Mulayam Singh Ji, that my indecent photos are being circulated in Rampur, save me. Protect me. But in Rampur, there was not one politician who tried to save me. So I had to leave Rampur. I was removed. That is why I left. Today, I wish to tell you only one thing. If I can wipe away the tears of my brothers, sisters and the poor, then am I a criminal. Yes, I am a criminal. I have come to wipe away the tears of the poor mothers of poor people. If I am guilty of that, punish me. But, if I have worked for the poor, if you believe me to be right, then give me your vote. I am not the Jaya Prada you think I am. I am not the Jaya Prada who spreads rumours on the lines of religion. I am neither this Jaya Prada nor that. Whatever work I have done, I have done it for people of all religions.) 

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Earlier in an exclusive interview with R.Bharat on Wednesday, aboard the R.Bharat bus, BJP candidate for the Rampur constituency has detailed her traumatic experience with the current Rampur MLA Azam Khan.

On being asked about the change in her relationship dynamics with Azam Khan and the Samajwadi Party(SP) she said that she was unsure of why she was treated as a stranger among her kin (referring to SP) and slammed SP leaders for not supporting her.

"I also don't know, why this change has happened. We (SP) have done a lot of work for the people in 2004. But in 2009, everything just was destroyed. Somehow I had become a stranger among my own kin (Apno mein Paraya). Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Singh too started treating me like a stranger. Even after making me an MLA, no leader supported me against the atrocities done by Azam Khan. I don't know what crime I have committed, that I was pushed into an aloof environment. This is still a question mark," she said. 

" Inspite being a ruling MLA in 2009, I could not stay in Rampur after working for the whole day. Immediately, I would get a call from Azam Khan saying 'If you stay here (government guest house), your house will be bulldozed. Even for eating meals, I could not avail the guest house. I would eat in my car or in some constituent's house. I used to roam 12 villages and used to return to the hotel at midnight. They always told me there was no room," she added. 


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