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WATCH | From Lord Shiva's Amulet That He Wears To Extracting Sugarcane Juice, 'On The Road' With Actor-turned-politician Ravi Kishan

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  • 'On The Road' special broadcast with Ravi Kishan, the BJP candidate for its Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat
  • He talked about his contest from Yogi Adityanath's bastion Gorakhpur
  • He also shared why he wears Lord Shiva's amulet wherever he goes

Ravi Kishan, the BJP candidate for its Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat was the gets of the special broadcast of 'On The Road' on May 11. Kishan who is an icon of Bhojpuri films has earlier declared that he would set up a ‘Bhojpuri film city’ in Gorakhpur. In this special edition, he spoke about his contest from Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath's bastion and much more.

The campaign trail began from Kishan visiting a temple, for this constituency of Gorakhpur is known for its temple and saints. In a saffron-robe, Kishan visited a temple and said: "Gorakhpur is filled with a zest of life. Yogi ji's work, deeds, honesty, selfless service has reached everybody across villages and I will get the results of his good work. When your leaders are truthful and honest then you can ask for votes with pride. You ask voters, 'please vote for us' and they respond, 'will surely vote for you.'

He also spoke about his faith on Lord Shiva and showed his amulet to the viewers of Republic TV, while the crowd chanted 'Zindabad' in his favour.
"When there was no one with me in Bombay (now Mumbai) then I had Lord Shiva with me. I visualise him and I can see him and this connection is perfect. I always remember before giving a shot for films and he appears before and provides me strength."

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He added: "This is my armour. This protects me from bad vibes and if someone has Lord Shiva with him, how can he remain an orphan? And if Lord Shiva wants bright things for you then how can you remain in darkness? So, this is his graciousness and Maharaj ji and Yogi ji' benignity. It includes kindness of Modi ji, Amit Shah ji and the organisation. So, I believe my stars decided that I should serve here as I keep harping on Mahadev. So, I should campaign for Lord Shiva and I should serve here, set up a studio here and will work here. See, I will not distance myself from work, I will carry on with my shoots and I tell this openly to the public as well. I will shoot movies and serve simultaneously."

He also extracted sugarcane juice from Sugarcane and compared it with Gathbandhan saying that the condition of Gathbandhan is like the sugarcane after its juice is extracted. 

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