Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections

WATCH: "Rahul Gandhi Is Here To Fulfil Mahatma Gandhi's Dream For The Congress," Says A Sarcastic Yogi Adityanath

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Yogi Adityanath claimed how the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 will be decisive for 'terrorism' in the country, while batting for Modi-led BJP.
  • He accused Congress party of playing with the emotions of Hindus

Addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh's Bisahda, chief minister Yogi Adityanath lambasted the Gandhi siblings and their Congress party, accusing Priyanka of insulting Ram Janmabhoomi and the Congress party for citing the term 'Hindu terror'

He said, "Priyanka Vadra is hesitant to go to Ram Mandir and Ram Janmabhoomi, but we don't feel any hesitation. The verdict given by the Allahabad High Court on September 30, 2010, all the three judges unanimously stated that where Ram is sitting is the Ram Janmaboomi."

He further blamed the Congress party of playing with the sentiments of Hindus and for affixing 'Hindu and terrorism'

He said, "This is the nature of Congress, they are deliberately playing with the emotions of Hindus. Even after the Samjauta Express bomb blast in 2007, Congress had cited a word 'Hindu terror' and I'd like to ask Congress and their allies, where did this word 'Hindu terror' come from? And How? You called the Hindu community as terrorists, those who are known for their friendly nature around the world. Then how did Congress try to adjoin Hindus to terrorism." 

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Furthermore, he claimed how the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 will be decisive for 'terrorism' in the country, while batting for Modi-led BJP.

He said, "This party is trying to hurt the sentiments of the country. The Lok Sabha 2019 elections will decide, if the country wants the Congress party that induces and encourages terrorism or wants the Modi government that shows terrorists their place. This has to be decided."

"If you want security, development, happiness and progress then only Modi-led BJP party can give you the gurantee," he added. 

In a sardonic take on the Congress president, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh stated that "Rahul Gandhi is here to fullfil the dream of Gandhiji."

He said, "Gandhiji had said that after independence Congress should be dissolved, the netas of Congress did not listen to him back then, but it seems that Rahul Gandhi is here to fulfil the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi. Last time Congress had come down to 44 seats, this time Congress will fall down to 4 seats in the country and I feel Congress eventually will be over." 

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