Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections

WATCH: Smriti Irani Posts Video Of Amethi Voter Saying She Was Forced To Vote For Congress, Alleges Her Rival 'Rahul Gandhi Ensured Booth Capturing'

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • As Amethi votes, Smriti Irani has made a sensational 'booth capturing' charge against Rahul Gandhi
  • The Union Minister has retweeted a video in which an old woman says that she was forced to vote for Congress

As people of Amethi vote on Monday during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate for the constituency Smriti Irani has made a big 'booth capturing' charge against her opponent Rahul Gandhi.

The Union Minister has retweeted a BJP worker's tweet which says that a woman who was voting in booth no 316 which in Gauriganj was forced to vote for the Congress. The tweet has a video in it in which an old woman says that she was forced to vote for Congress. 

Irani has commented on the tweet saying that 'Rahul Gandhi has ensured booth capturing'. She has tagged the Congress president and the Election Commission.

"...took my hand and forcefully pushed the button for Congress, though I was going to vote for BJP," the woman says. 

The BJP leader spoke to the media about the allegation. She said, "If Rahul Gandhi does not get the mandate he will steal the mandate. People of the country have to decide whether this kind of politics of Rahul Gandhi should be punished or not. I have tweeted an alert to the administration and Election Commission, hope they take action."

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Sources have said that despite good security measures and use of EVM machines instead of paper ballots, there have been incidents of booth capturing in Gauriganj.

Earlier on Monday, the Union Textile Minister hit out at Gandhi for keeping silent on the tragic death of a poor man on Sunday who was denied treatment at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Amethi even after providing his 'Ayushman Bharat' card. 

"I would like to ask you, as your channel has roamed Amethi before - Did you meet Rahul Gandhi in Amethi? He is that person who has been missing for the last 15 years. It was very sad that yesterday, in a hospital which operated under Rahul Gandhi, a poor man died even after he presented his 'Ayushman Bharat'card. What was his fault? That he wanted free medical aid which was his democratic right? Why is Rahul Gandhi silent about this topic?"

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