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WATCH: 'Will You Hand Over Reins To The Country To One Who Calls Himself Babur's Descendent And The Opposers Of Bajrang Bali?', Asks U.P CM Yogi Adityanath In Rally Post 72-hour Campaigning Ban

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • UP CM Adityanath has asked voters whether they would vote for opposers of Bajrang Bali or progressive PM Modi in arally in Sambhal, UP
  • He has lashed at the Opposition for their disrespect towards Babasaheb Ambedkar while calling themselves descendents of Babur

Post the 72-hour ban imposed on UP CM Yogi Adityanath by the EC, he has sparked yet another controversy on Friday by asking voters whether they would vote for opposers of Bajrang Bali or the progressive PM Modi, while addressing a rally at Sambhal, UP.

"Do you wish to  to hand over the reins of the country  to a person who calls himself Babur's descendent? Do you wish to hand over the reins to opposers of Bajrang Bali?", he asked, making another communal reference.

Drawing comparisons between PM Modi and the members of the Opposition, he listed the various achievements of PM Modi and the credentials of the Opposition branding them as terrorists and anti-nationals.

"On one side is a man who has raised the Indian culture on a global scale, has established 21st June as International Yoga Day, earned Prayagraj's Kumbh its tag by UNESCO as a World heritage site and as a cultural hub and also transformed the five places (Mathura, Brindavan, Gokul,Baldev and Parsana) connected to Babasaheb Ambedkar as 5-holy destinations and developed the places in Ram and Krishna circuit." he said, listing PM Modi's work.

Continuing in the same tone, he lashed at the Opposition for their disrespect towards Babasaheb Ambedkar and the national song, referencing a particular person but not naming anyone.

"When asked about his ancestry, he said that I am Babar's descendent. I was surprised. I have problem with this fact that a person who has a problem of singing Vande Mataram, one who is ashamed of garlanding the satue of Babasaheb Ambedkar and visiting the keladevi temple, is he worthy of your vote? Be it Congress or SP-BSP gathbandhan, are you ready to hand over the reins of the country to these anti-nationalists, terrorists? "

He further explained how PM Modi had facilitated the celebration at Kumbh on a large scale while the Opposition wanted to ban them.

"Anyone who has attended Kumbh would have felt the celebration of its festivity and the purity of Ganga. This a major effort done by Modiji to celeberate Kumbh on such a large scale. He is on one side, on the other side is Babar's descendant, wanting to ban these festivals."

The Election Commission had imposed a campaigning ban of 72-hour on the chief minister starting Tuesday 6 AM, over the communal nature of his speech, including his 'green virus' and 'Ali-Bajrangbali' remarks 

He had said, "They want to throw a green virus to engulf the nation. West Uttar Pradesh need not come under the effect of this green virus. In East Uttar Pradesh we have already wiped out the virus, now in the West, we will demolish Congress'SP's BSP's RLD's 'green virus' from here..."