West Bengal Lok Sabha Elections

WATCH: Voters Allege Threat Of Bomb Violence Made Against Them In West Bengal's Midnapore As Ruckus Ensues Outside Poll Booth, BJP Candidate Dilip Ghosh Accuses Trinamool

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Trinamool backers allegedly threatened to bomb a poll booth in Gopalpur village in Medinipur district of West Bengal as polling got underway in the state
  • BJP candidate for the Medinipur constituency Dilip Ghosh said that the Trinamool government in West Bengal triggered the violence

Violence, which has been witnessed in all poll phases in West Bengal thus far, struck again on Sunday, when alleged Trinamool supporters purportedly threatened to bomb a poll booth in Gopalpur village in Medinipur district.

As per ground reports, BJP agents were not allowed inside the booth and CRPF team too was not allowed to do its duty. As a result, ruckus reportedly ensued outside the poll booth. Accounts from outside the booth spoke of alleged Trinamool workers threatening voters and being given a free hand to do so on account of the police also allegedly turning a blind eye towards it. When asked by a voter to ask the block leader or the district leader to solve their issues, a ruckus allegedly ensued in which BJP West Bengal Chief Dilip Ghosh was surrounded and a few voters who were fighting were taken into custody to the nearest police station. As per latest reports, CRPF has arrived to handle the situation. 

When asked about the violent clashes ensuing in West Bengal throughout the election, BJP candidate for the Medinipur constituency Dilip Ghosh said that the Trinamool government in power triggered the violence, as a result, these clashes are prevalent. 

"Violence has been continuously occurring since polling began in West Bengal. While there was a dip in between it rose again when an agent was murdered in Murshidabad. While violence here is not new here, in this polls, the violence has reduced due to the action of the CRPF and the CEC. But according to the political tradition of West Bengal, the ruling Trinamool always instigates violence and they are continuing to do so. But as their numbers have reduced, violence also has gone down" said Ghosh.

BJP Booth President Found Dead In West Bengal

Reacting to the death of a BJP booth president Ramin Singh in Gopiballabpur in Jhargram, West Bengal, he said: 

"It is unfortunate that a BJP worker has been killed which is a direct result of those in power. We and the EC are aware of the situation and hope that the least amount of violence ensues."

Condemning the Trinamool's 'dictatorship' which has led to violence, he assured that the public and BJP was ready to face it.

"When dictatorship is the attitude of the government then they resort to violence and this (ruckus) is a result of that. Violence may occur today also. We are ready to face it as is the public," he said.

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West Bengal's Tamluk, Kanthi, Ghatal, Medinipur, Bankura, Bishnupur, Purulia and Jhargram constituencies go to polls on Sunday. Results are scheduled to be announced in May 23.