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Basavaraj Bommai After Karnataka Verdict: Lok Sabha Polls A Completely Different Affair

Basavaraj Bommai resigned as Karnataka chief minister on Saturday evening and took responsibility for the BJP's defeat in the Karnataka Assembly elections.

Karnataka Elections 2023
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Abheet Sajwan

Image: Basavaraj Bommai address after defeat in Karnataka polls (Republic)

Basavaraj Bommai, the now-former chief minister of Karnataka, took responsibility for the Bharatiya Janata Party's defeat in the Assembly elections and said the party will sit together and introspect on the results. "I am taking responsibility for the defeat. We are going to sit in the party and introspect very seriously about what has happened and we have already started the discussion. We will definitely take action to course correct," Bommai said. The 63-year-old leader who took over as chief minister after BS Yediyurappa gave up the post resigned before the governor on Saturday evening.  

'We'll continue serving the nation', says Bommai

Basavaraj Bommai said even if his government is not there in power will continue to serve the nation. "We are not a party which works only for elections, we are here for national interest. Irrespective of whether our government is in the state or not we will continue to work for the nation."

"We are going to look at our mistakes and make sure that we are going to learn from them, especially in view of the Lok Sabha elections," Bommai added. 

When asked if there is going to be any impact on the Lok Sabha elections, he said, "It's a different election altogether and there are national level issues involved in it which is an entirely different game."

"Last time we got 104 seats in assembly we got more than 25 seats in Lok Sabha. We look at both the assembly and the Parliament elections very differently", said Bommai.

Karnataka election result 

The Congress is all set to form its government in the southern state after it registered a thumping victory in the Karnataka election with 135 seats, whereas the BJP managed to claim victory in 65 and JD(S) got 19.


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