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First DK Shivakumar Interview After Congress Party's Massive Karnataka Victory | WATCH

DK Shivakumar, the man widely credited for Congress party's performance in Karnataka, spoke to Republic in an exclusive conversation after the victory.

Karnataka Elections 2023
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Piyush Gupta

DK Shivakumar, the man widely credited for the Congress party’s overwhelming victory in Karnataka, gave his first interview to Republic after the win. In the interview, Shivakumar shed light on the Congress’ priorities and also talked about who might take over as chief minister once the new government is sworn in.

Upon being asked about his prediction coming true DKS said, “See 137 is the number because one is in alliance, two rebels are there so 136+3 so it becomes 139. Two rebels are there, already announced their support to us, and one is our associate member we already had pre poll alliance with Raitha Sangha unit. See we are practical people, see today already in Jayanagar constituency, in the election website they officially declared that Mrs Sowmya Reddy has already won the election, this is on the election website. Now one parliament member and one Minister came some officer from outside they also brought more than hours together they were inside, any postal ballot cannot be count it twice it was being rejected after counting once twice it was being rejected and then the result was being announced,"

As the Congress celebrates its victory in the Karnataka assembly elections 2023, there is a ruckus underway at the counting facility in Jayanagar over the recounting of ballots following Sowmya Reddy's victory. DK Shivakumar reached the polling station to protest the recounting. 

On Congress leader R Ashok's Operation Lotus comment, Shivakumar said accused him of misusing his office. 

The re-counting of one seat is still underway after the result was disputed by one of the candidates. Whereas Congress has secured a comfortable victory with 135 seats, while BJP has won 65 seats and JD(S) stands on 18 seats. The heated campaigning, voting is expected to be completed by tonight. 

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