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Karnataka Polls: Congress Leader DK Suresh Downplays Bajrang Dal Row; 'Not A Major Issue'

Karnataka Congress leader and brother of DK Shivakumar, DK Suresh lashed out at BJP saying that the saffron party does not have agenda on development.

Karnataka Elections 2023
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Ajay Sharma
DK Suresh

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Karnataka Congress leader and brother of DK Shivakumar, DK Suresh on Wednesday lashed out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) saying that the saffron party does not have any agenda on development. He also accused the ruling party of diverting the issues.

Speaking to Republic on the polling day, DK Suresh said, "BJP has broken the hearts of the Karnataka people." When asked about how confident he is about Congress' victory in the assembly elections and DK Shivakumar becoming the next CM, Suresh said, "This is not an issue right now. The issue between BJP and Congress. So once the Congress will come to an absolute majority, our legislatures and party will decide (on the CM face)."

BJP only have agenda of Hindutva: DK Suresh

When asked if Bajrang Dal row will change the political scenario in the southern state, he said, "No it will not change. The issue is already started by the BJP in the past two years. So many issues they have raised in Karnataka— the Hijab issue, Halal issue. People are fed for this type of activity. Even the Bajrang Dal issue is not a major issue. Bajrang Dal issue is major for BJP people. BJP doesn’t have any agenda. BJP only have agenda of Hindutva, they don’t have agenda on development. Corruption issue they are facing, they want to divert the issue (sic)."

"People of Karnataka want the change. On this basis, we hope that Congress will come to power. We will wait and see," he said.

Notably, a controversy around Bajrang Dal erupted after Congress announced to ban the right-wing group in Karnataka if voted to power. Following this, Bajrang Dal staged protests across the country against the Congress party. Sensing an opportunity, the BJP also slammed the Grand Old Party over the Bajrang Dal row, accusing it of appeasement politics.

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