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Lingayat Seer Wants DK Shivakumar As CM, Says Leader Helped Congress In Times Of Trouble

Vachanananda Swamiji, pontiff of the Harihara Mutt pitched DK Shivakumar for the post of Chief Minister saying he lifted the party during times of trouble.

Karnataka Elections 2023
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Abheet Sajwan

Image: Lingayat seer backs DK Shivakumar to be Karnataka CM

DK Shivakumar or Siddaramaiah, who will be the Karnataka CM? While the Congress can't seem to answer the question, Lingayat seer Vachanananda Swamiji, pontiff of the Harihara Mutt, has made his choice clear, and it is DK Shivakumar. In an exclusive conversation with Republic, the Lingayat seer said DK Shivakumar should be the chief minister of Karnataka because he has helped the Congress party in its times of trouble.  

He, however, did maintain that the decision on the chief ministerial post is an internal matter of the Congress party. 

CM choice internal matter of Congress

"Mr DK Shivakumar Ji and Siddaramaiah, both have worked very hard and both have their own way of bringing the government. It is a party's internal matter and it is not good to enter or give any suggestion to them. Ultimately the Congress has a full majority. The high command will decide. Both Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah have the capacity to become Chief Minister."

DK Shivakumar worked a lot for Congress during BJP rule  

Stressing DK Shivakumar has worked a lot for the party during the BJP's rule, Swamiji said that he has all the right to become the new Chief Minister. 

He added, "Siddaramaiah has a lot of vote banking because he is an Ahinda leader and is accepted by all. DK Shivakumar Ji is the KPCC president, he worked day and night when the BJP government was here. He went on through a lot of hurdles, and difficulties and lifted the party up during times of trouble. He also has the right to be the Chief Minister and Siddaramiah as well when it comes to election or voting factors has the right to be a Chief Minister. They have to solve their issues." 

Lingayat community's representation in the new cabinet

Speaking about the representation of the Lingayat community in the new cabinet he said, "If you look at the Congress party, they have given a lot of tickets and out of 54, there are 34 MLAs selected and this time especially lots of Lingayats voted to Congress party. So after many years, Congress has got such a huge mandate because of the Lingayat vote bank."

He appealed portfolios for the Lingayat community in the new Congress cabinet and said he expects five good portfolios.

Vachanananda said, "When Jagadish Shettar and Laxman Savadi came to Congress, Lingayats moved to Congress this time. Now there are 34 MLAs in Congress, last three years when it comes to the Chief Minister candidate, the Congress projected only two persons, Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar. So it is not the right time to ask for a Chief Minister's post, but it can be asked for a Deputy CM post and five good portfolios for the Lingayat MLAs."

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