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Samajwadi Party MP Says 16 Years Right Age For Women To Marry As 'they Attain Fertility'

"Girls should be married when they attain age of fertility...The fertility age of women ranges from 16-17 years to 30 years," Samajwadi Party MP ST Hasan said.

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After a Samajwadi Party (SP) MP opposed the Centre's decision to raise the minimum age of marriage for women by saying that girls "would go rogue" if they weren't married young, another SP MP turned to misogyny and objectified women in his opposition to the Union government's decision. 

In an outrageous statement, ST Hasan, an MP from the Akhlesh Yadav-led party, while expressing that girls should be married at the early age of 16 said, "Good proposals come during this age, a delay would make it difficult to find a good man for the woman."

"Girls should be married when they attain age of fertility...The fertility age of women ranges from 16-17 years to 30 years, thereafter, there will be trouble in conceiving," the Samajwadi MP added.

Hasan said that he will be opposing the bill to raise the legal age of marriage for women in Parliament.

'Women will go rogue if not married at a young age'

Earlier in the day, another Member of Parliament from the Samajwadi Party Shafiqur Rahman Barq had made an outrageous statement while opposing the Centre's decision to raise the minimum age of marriage for women. Terming women a 'responsibility' for families, he said that preparations for their marriage begin soon after they are born. 

"Getting the girls married at a young age helps in getting rid of any kind of societal problems and responsibilities," the Samajwadi Party MP said, adding that "there will be a problem" if the legal age for women to marry is increased to 21.

Centre clears proposal for raising the minimum marriage age for women in India

On Wednesday, the Union Cabinet, in a significant step towards gender parity, cleared a proposal that would increase the minimum marriage age for women to 21, the same as that of men.

The proposal was framed on basis of recommendations made by a task force set up by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Headed by Jaya Jaitley, the task force made extensive recommendations based on consultations from experts, young adults, young women, and others whom the decision affects directly.

The proposal comes over a year after the plan was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Independence Day address in 2020. 

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