Chetan Bhagat: Please Abuse Me, Insult My Work Without Reading It, Shame Me And Spit On Me

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Popular author Chetan Bhagat recently poured his heart out on social media announcing the release date of his upcoming book in a rather unique way.

Written By Shreya Thakur | Mumbai | Updated On:
Source: Facebook

Popular author Chetan Bhagat recently poured his heart out on social media also announcing the release date of his upcoming book in a rather unique way. In an elaborative post, the author of 'Five Point Someone' confessed that he won't stop doing his work even if people abuse and insult his work without reading. His book 'The Girl In Room 105' is all set to hit the stands in October and has already become the best selling book during pre-orders for this year. 

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A few days back, the 44-year-old was roasted for his celebratory tweet on 10 million followers. He took to his Facebook handle to give a befitting response to his trolls in his own way. 

Here's what he said:

"I am sorry
(Dedicated to all who don’t like me.)
I am sorry I dared, I must be abused for that.
I am sorry I was born in a simple house but dreamed big. 
I am sorry I worked hard and made it to the best colleges.
I am sorry I had a passion. Middle class Indian kids are not allowed to have passion.
I am sorry I dared to tell stories, in English despite not being from a posh background.
I am sorry I told the stories simply. I am sorry those stories connected with millions and continue to do so.
I am sorry I worked hard and faced rejections for years until I found a publisher. I should be abused for that to.
I am sorry I worked hard to market my books. I am sorry I made a lot of people read in a country where only a few select people read books and looked down on those who didn’t.

I am sorry my books sold more than all the other books those select people read put together. I am sorry my books were read and loved by some of the smartest people in the country. I must be banished of course. I broke that select club.

I am sorry I dared to dream again. I am sorry I worked hard to make movies happen on the books. I am sorry those movies became big hits. I am sorry I shined again. I wasn’t supposed to. Nobody who speaks in a desi accent like me or comes from a simple background is supposed to. Sorry.

I am sorry I decided to use my writing platform for change. I am sorry I wrote columns in national newspapers and gave my views on social media that resonated with millions. I am sorry my columns are amongst the most widely read in the country. I am sorry people like them. I am sorry I have opinions that are independent. I am sorry I express them. I am sorry I don’t belong to a herd, or remain stuck to my views forever and am open to change. I am sorry I use my education to open my mind and be my own person. How dare I? Troll the fuck out of me until I roll over and die.


But well, I am sorry your trolling didn’t work either. I am sorry your attempts to put my books down, my views down and try to throw me and work in the dustbin didn’t work. I am so sorry my books are bestsellers ever since they came out in 2004, until now, 2018. For 14 years and still going strong. So sorry for you can’t even call it a fluke anymore.


Sorry I am well known. Sorry I made my country care about a writer. Sorry I still work hard to make my books good so people wait for them. Sorry I come up with innovative ideas to market my books others haven’t. How dare I, isn’t it?
I am sorry I now motivate people as a speaker. I am sorry auditoriums get packed as people come to listen to me and get inspired and make a positive change in their lives. Sorry I shouldn't have done that either.


I am sorry I kept my head down and worked more when you abused me. I am sorry but I plan to still keep going on. I am sorry to be the guy, who like millions of Indians, had a dream and did something about it. I am sorry I made it.
Please, please abuse me, insult my work without reading it, shame me and spit on me. I shouldn’t have happened in a country where people are supposed to remain in their place. But I won’t stop. For this is what I am here for, to show that it can be done. It’s hard, and in India the elites and the privileged will come at you when you dare beyond your aukaat. But I do it anyway.


My new book “The Girl in Room 105” comes out in October. It is already #1 national bestseller on pre-orders alone. Sorry about that too.

Please accept my apologies as I continue to keep going and try to be an inspiration for millions of simple Indians like me. I want them to also dare to go beyond their aukaat. While those who can’t deal with that can go f..oops, sorry for the language too."


His post became viral in no time with many people having mixed reaction to it. "Sir I'm telling you those who read ur books are not here in ur comment section because they are still a book lover not a Facebook lover," one follower said while "Exhausting amount of "sorrys" to highlight ones achievements," reads the other. Chetan was also recently trolled by many after Ola’s marketing campaign offered a free ride with the author. 



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