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Exclusive | Raveena Tandon On Papon Controversy: He Can Be Given The Benefit Of Doubt

Written By Tehseen Khan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Raveena Tandon says, “Papon should be given a benefit of doubt.”
  • She further added that a mistake can happen to anyone.

During the Papon kiss controversy, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon had slammed singer Papon for kissing a minor girl.  She also took to Twitter to post the following message,

''Disgusting! Shameful!Perverse! This man Papon should be arrested! The girl's parents succumbing to pressure! The explanations given are ridiculous! Haven’t felt such anger and shame to see this happen and some on tv debates actually defending the act !''

Now, in response to the recent controversy over singer Papon kissing a minor contestant on a reality programme, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon stated that the kiss could have been a mistake.

In February this year, the 42-year-old singer was accused of molesting a minor contestant of a reality show on which he appeared as a judge. After the burst of media and fans, Papon stepped down as the judge of a music TV show amid sexual assault allegations.

Quitting the show via a tweet, Papon continues to claim that he has been 'falsely implicated' in the case despite video evidence corroborating the narrative that he forcefully kissed an 11-year-old contestant.

However, actress Raveena Tandon seems to have a heart of change in an exclusive conversation with Republic TV she said,

"Papon should be given benefit of the doubt.  because if you have closely followed the chain of events that unfolded as days went by, you will agree with me."

She further adds, "Papon's legal team didn't help him by saying that it was a guru-shishya kiss. The legal team was trying to justify it as a guru-shishya love, which angered a lot of people. If it is seen as a guru-shishya kiss, it was definitely unacceptable. But later, in fact, much later, Papon came out to say that it was a misjudgment. So, I feel that he can be given the benefit of doubt,"

''I think Papon should have come on TV Channels and cleared the air. Maybe his legal team advised him to keep quiet for a while- but his period of silence was long.  By that time, his legal team's guru-shishya statement had done the damage. Media also reported the matter extensively," she said.

According to Raveena, ''One cannot be judgmental. I am a mother of two and if tomorrow their maths or physic teacher kiss them and say it's a guru-shishya love that is also not right.  It can be an error in the judgment. And Papon is not a serial offender. His past record is clear he is not a serial molester. A mistake can happen by one, so let's not be harsh on him.''

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