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Kim So-Hyun Birthday Quiz: Guess The Drama Based On The Character Description

Kim So-Hyun has created quite a name for herself at a very young age. On her birthday take the quiz to see if you can recognise the work she has been in.

Kim So-hyun


Kim So-Hyun began her career as a well-known child actor who was best recognised for portraying younger forms of main female characters. She has since evolved into a coveted female lead in her own right. On Kim So-Hyun’s birthday, take Kim So-Hyun's quiz based on her characters to see if you really know the work that she has been a part of and if you truly deserve calling yourself a Kim So-Hyun fan. Take the character-based quiz here.

Kim So-Hyun's quiz

1.       Kim So-Hyun plays the younger version of the soon to be evil queen who tries to kill the female lead to steal her love.

a.       Killer Toon

b.       The Last Princess

c.       A Happy Woman

d.       Moon Embracing The Sun


2.       In this movie, Kim So-Hyun plays the sister of a little boy who is found dead in a lake and whose family comes under investigation for murder.

a.       Sin of a Family

b.       Killer Toon

c.       Spy Papa

d.       Man of Vendetta


3.       Kim So-Hyun plays an innocent girl who finds love in the summer but meets with a tragic accident rendering her unable to walk.

a.       A Happy Woman

b.       Pure Love

c.       Your Name

d.        The Last Princess


4.       Kim So-Hyun provides the Korean voice-over of the female lead in this movie where two young people suddenly and for no apparent reason start swapping their bodies.

a.       Moon Embracing The Sun

b.       Man of Vendetta

c.       Your Name

d.       Spy Papa


5.       This film was the Korean take on Prince and the Pauper and sees a Prince trying to run from the palace to escape his responsibilities.

a.       Ja Myung Go

b.       The Last Princess

c.       Que Sera Sera

d.       I Am The King


6.       Kim So-Hyun plays a hard-working and happy high school student despite having a background fraught with pain and loss.

a.       Love Alarm

b.       Radio Romance

c.       Ja Myung Go

d.       Your Name


7.       Kim So-Hyun is seen as a wandering spirit with no memory of what has led her to be this way.

a.       While You Were Sleeping

b.       We All Cry Differently

c.       Radio Romance

d.       Hey Ghost, Let's Fight


8.       Kim So-Hyun plays the younger version of the protagonist who is sent to Japan for education and is prevented from coming back home by corrupt leaders.

a.       The Last Princess

b.       We All Cry Differently

c.       Love Alarm

d.       I Am The King


9.       Kim So-Hyun is the five-year-old daughter of the protagonist in this film who is then kidnapped, thus overturning her father’s life.

a.       Drama City

b.       Killer Toon

c.       Pure Love

d.       Man Of Vendetta


10.   Kim So-Hyun is a princess who is raised as someone who has killed a sinner. She tries to restore her family name.

a.       River Where The Moon Rises

b.       I Am The King

c.       The Last Princess

d.       Moon Embracing The Sun



1.       Moon Embracing The Sun

2.       Sin Of A Family

3.       Pure Love

4.       Your Name

5.       I Am The King

6.       Love Alarm

7.       Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight

8.       The Last Princess

9.       Man Of Vendetta

10.   River Where The Moon Rises


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