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'Don't want sympathy' | R Madhavan Talks To Arnab About Nambi Narayanan's Only Condition For Approving 'Rocketry'

R Madhavan said that ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan's condition for approving the film 'Rocketry' was his refusal to seek public sympathy.

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ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan is in the spotlight and is getting the recognition he always deserved, in part also thanks to R Madhavan-directed Rocketry: The Nambi Effect which hit the theatres on July 1. The movie is based on rocket engineer Nambi Narayanan who is accredited for developing the invincible Vikas engine and was arrested in 1994 on false charges of espionage. To clear the air once and for all, Narayanan appeared at Republic Media Network's Nation Wants to Know, wherein he along with Madhavan reflected on the scientist's past, in conversation with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.

Speaking to Arnab, Madhavan revealed how he initiated the process of filming Narayanan's life and what went behind bringing the story to the public.

The actor also shared Narayanan's condition before being part of the project, which was to ensure that the film would not intend on gaining public sympathy. 

'I will take anything, but I don't want your sympathy': Narayanan had told Madhavan

Reflecting on the lesser-known facts about his film-making journey, Madhavan revealed the conversations he had with Mr Narayanan and emphasised how humble the latter was about the darker areas of his life. The actor-turned-director also said that he asked Mr Narayanan about his 'inhuman' side and about 'the things that he is not proud of doing', answers to which were sincerely answered by the scientist.

"I asked him, did you have an affair with a Maldivian woman (part of the controversy Narayanan was mired in). Any other 75-year-old man would have said, 'Mind your language young man, know who you're speaking to', but not him," Madhavan said. He added that the things Narayanan told him are part of the movie and are the qualities that make him like any other human. 

"Another thing he told me is if you're making this film just because you feel sorry for me, please, I don't want your sympathy. I can take anything, but I don't want your sympathy," Madhavan reveals what Mr Narayanan had told him while planning to make the film on him.

Responding to Madhavan's revelation, the ISRO scientist was quick to mention that he never underplays the atrocities he faced but not publicising his problems or accomplishments is just his "style of functioning."

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