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Super Exclusive: Are These Kangana Ranaut's Emails To Hrithik Roshan?

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

These emails are part of the annexures filed by Mahesh Jethmalani, lawyer of Hrithik Roshan, to the Mumbai police, in his complaint. Hrithik Roshan claims that these emails have been written to him by Kangana Ranaut, as part of his charge that he was being stalked by her. The police alone can confirm or deny the authenticity of these emails, which are now under investigation.

Here they are, reproduced in full:

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***
Subject: My messages
Date: 13 July 2014 9:14 pm

Before i send you next mail, i'd like you to tell me where and how would you like to receive my messages.

Would you like another account for us, or should we use text messaging? Is there any other medium that you suggest?

I am ok with anything, I just want us to trust each other and for that lets try and talk about our concerns and worries without judging each other.

I am going to keep everything to myself now, I won't even tell Rangoli or my mom that we are talking :).

Also i don't like visiting your twitter account, please try and write to me directly, i don't want anyone to read your messages that are meant for me :).

I have a feeling the worse is over, everything is going to be fine now.

Hows your shoot going?
Do you like Prague ?

I'd like to go there someday :)

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***
Subject: why don't we talk?
Date: 15 August 2014 1:06 am
To: Hrithik 
e mail

what is your plan baby?
when you had the other id at least you used to talk, this silence is hard to handle.
why don't you make another id?

i am not crazy about receiving mails from this particular id of yours, if something makes you comfortable, then why not?
i am not fussy.

some exchange of thoughts, some talk, i can't be talking to myself for very long....

hmmm ?

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***
Date: 15 August 2014 6:16 pm
Hrithik e mail

do you find it weird to receive my mails at your work mail id.
it must be annoying, i dont mind it 
i got one id for everything, that too gets too much sometimes byt for someone like you, it can be a nuisance to mix work and romantic mails.
i understand baby, should i try 
sending mails on your earlier id? one?

would you activate that please?

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***
Subject: Is our love for real?
Date: 17 August 2014 2:22 pm
Hrithik e

sometimes i feel so unsure of everything. 
does our love really exist or its just a phantasy?

is our love for real or is it an imaginary person that i talk to?
why don't you ever talk to me? if our love is real then why is it intangible?
real things are tangible, 
arn't they?

what if someday i meet you and you tell me that you haven't received anything, you don't even know me, you never loved me.

what will i do then? will i ever recover from that revelation of that fatal reality.
will i get another chance to start all over again?
or will my life just be a broken dream?

i feel something, something that i never felt before, i feel fear and i am scared...





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