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WATCH: SC Expresses Displeasure Over Political Interference In CBFC's Dealing Of Padmavati

Written By Suhas Yellapantula | Mumbai | Published:

The Chief Justice of India came down heavily on public office bearers who have been demanding a censor on the movie Padmavati, by clearly stating that the rule of law must be maintained and respected by one and all especially when there is a Government appointed Body, CBFC which is in charge of certification of movies and keeping a tab on the content as well. 

The Chief Justice 'expressed his displeasure' over the fact that several public office bearers have tried to interfere with the working of a statutory body, such as the CBFC, which only undermines its work and responsibility. 

"No one in public office should decide how a film certificate should be handed out especially when there is a dedicated public office to do the same. This is not good for the rule of law if public office bearers try to interfere with other department's work."

Though no specific names were taken nor specific organisations mentioned, the reprimand was clearly pointing fingers at several state politicians who have tried to coerce the CBFC into taking a premeditated decision when no party has actually seen the movie Padmavati. 

To put a lid on such controversy the Supreme Court too has decided that it will not entertain any petition until such time till the CBFC sees the movie and decides the future course of action. 

The SC ruling comes as a big relief not just for the filmmakers of Padmavati but also for the CBFC which has been under flak by political outfits who have been trying to influence its decision based on mob opinion of the film when actually no one has seen the movie in the first place. 



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