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Avengers 4: Marvel Reveals Powers And Abilities Of All 6 Infinity Stones, Including Suspicious Revisions

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Marvel has released a video revealing the powers and abilities of all the Infinity Stones
  • The video had allegedly earlier been deleted
  • The definitions contain at least a few divisions

Ahead of the release of the DVD and digital formats of Avengers: Infinity War, which is scheduled to happen over the next two weeks, a lot of news had been generated by Marvel reportedly posting and deleting a video regarding the Infinity Stones, which have been a plot device that has run through the story so far.

As mentioned in another article, this one about the Russo brothers trying but failing to leak the title for Avengers 4, we know varying things about what the six Infinity Stones do and as their nature is likely to form a big part of what happens in the concluding chapter of the series, perhaps its worthwhile to match our knowledge with what Marvel says in its video:

First is what we know, then comes the 'official description' followed by an analysis:

The Space stone (Tesseract) - The first stone to be introduced was also the key to Thanos' initial Loki-led invasion of Earth. At that time, the Space stone was more of a means to get from space to Earth, but of late, it's become a personal portal for Thanos

Marvel's description of the Space stone: Travel across any dimension

(The use of 'dimension' makes this interesting. There are a number of dimensions that hide various secrets. Doctor Strange introduced us to the mirror and dark dimension whereas Ant-Man is stuck in the Quantum Realm as of the end of his most recent film.)

The Reality stone (Ether) - The ether was known to be dangerous but its reality-bending properties only came to light in Infinity War. Earlier, it was considered a means to wipe out all the light in the universe and plunge it into darkness

Marvel's description of the Reality stone: Bend reality to your will

(This description only serves to enlighten us as to the uphill challenge that the Avengers face)

The Power stone (the Orb) - This one could be used to wipe out life on a planet. It required beings of tremendous power to wield, causing ordinary persons to disintegrate

Marvel's description of the Power stone: Destroy anything in your 

(Again, this description only serves to enlighten us as to the uphill challenge that the Avengers face)

The Mind stone (Loki's staff, Vision) - This one created Ultron, powered Vision and instilled superhuman abilities in Wanda and Piotr Maximoff. It also housed a supercomputer that could be rendered in Stark's lab

Marvel's description of the Mind stone - Create and alter consciousness

(We know this stone is multipotent and it also occupies place-of-prime in the Infinity Gauntlet. Is the definition an extension of its power of does it sum it up accurately)

The Time stone (Eye of Agamotto) - could be used to turn time backwards and forwards (as observed by Doctor Strange's using it on an Apple). The Sorcerer Supreme also used it to put Dormammu in a time-loop and threatened to keep him there unless he left Earth alone

Marvel's description of the Time stone: See the future, alter the past

(See the future? See the future? What happened to the decomposing apple? This is a revision right? Could it have massive consequences?)

The Soul Stone: Little is known apart from that it is special even among the Infinity Stones and that it exacts a terrible price upon whoever comes to claim it

Marvel's description of the Soul stone: Control life and death

('Control life and death' is a pretty useful power given that half the life in the universe has been wiped!)

Watch the video here:

So, why has Marvel decided to redefine the Infinity Stones in such a manner? Is this just promotion for the Infinity War DVD or is there more of an Avengers 4 link to it? Share your views in the comment section below.

Avengers: Infinity War releases on DVD and digital formats over the next two weeks, while Captain Marvel will hit theatres on March 8, 2019, and Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019.



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