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Daler Mehndi Falls Prey To Parody Tweet Claiming Prince Harry Heard His Songs

Daler Mehndi recently sparked a meme fest on social media after he reacted to a parody tweet claiming Prince Harry mentioned the singer in his book 'Spare'.

Daler Mehndi

@dalermehndi/instagram & AP

Punjabi Singer Daler Mehndi has recently made quite a stir on social media after he reacted to a parody Tweet claiming that Prince Harry mentioned the singer in his memoir 'Spare'. Not only this, Daler Mehndi's reply sparked a meme fest on social media. 

It all started with a parody Tweet that read, "Prince Harry reveals music artist he listened to in his lowest moments in new book ‘Spare’. In the times I felt alone and separated from my family, I always took time to myself to sit back and listen to Daler Mehndi. His lyrics resonated with me and got me through a lot.”

The singer was overjoyed and reacted by saying, "I am grateful to the blessings of Guru Nanak, my mom and dad, I created a unique Pop Folk Ethnic Music Style. Love you Prince Harry! God Bless you, In gratitude that my music helped you. @TeamSussex". 

Check out the Tweet below: 


As soon as Daler tweeted his reaction, it immediately captured netizens' attention. Various memes are doing rounds on social media which define the situation very aptly. 

Take a look at a few of the Tweets below:

The release of Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare'

Prince Harry's memoir 'spare' released on January 10. The book revealed private details about his personal life and his relationship with the royal family members.

The prince has also mentioned his feud with his brother Prince William and consuming drugs at the age of 17 in his memoir.


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