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Michael Jackson Was ‘Chemically Castrated’ By FatherJoseph Jackson?

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  • Michael Jackson’s controversial doctor, Conrad Murray reportedly stated that Michael Jackson was ‘chemically castrated’ by his father Joseph Jackson.
  • Murray reportedly stated that the late pop icon was castrated in order to maintain his high-pitched voice.

Michael Jackson’s controversial doctor, Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter following Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 has now reportedly alleged that Michael Jackson was “chemically castrated” by his father Joseph Jackson. In a video released by The Blast, Murray reportedly stated that the late pop icon was castrated in order to maintain his high-pitched voice.

According to reports, Murray claimed that Joe Jackson, who passed away last month at 89 years of age, was “one of the worst fathers to his children in history”. Murray further reportedly went on to claim that Michael had confided in him about his numerous sufferings at the hands of his father. In the video clip released by The Blast, while talking about Joe Jackson, Murray is also heard saying, “I would not shed a single tear for the passing of this cruel and evil man”. Some reports also suggest that Murray went to the extent of revealing that Michael told him that he was so petrified of his father that he would vomit when he saw him.

Meanwhile, Murray had previously allegedly claimed that in order to stop Michael’s voice from getting deeper, Joe Jackson would give the pop sensation hormone injections.


Joe Jackson passed away in Las Vegas allegedly succumbing to pancreatic cancer in June this year. Interestingly, after the passing away of Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s official Twitter handle tweeted a picture of the two with a post that read, “IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH JACKSON: "My father did always protect us and that’s no small feat... He looked after our interests in the best ways. He might have made a few mistakes along the way, but he always thought he was doing what was right for his family" –Michael Jackson (Moonwalk).”


In 2014, when asked by a New York Post reporter if he had any regrets about his life, Joe Jackson said, "Not at all," he said. "I don't live that way." In 2010, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jackson stated that he did not regret hitting his children since he believed that it helped them achieve musical success.

Recently, Janet Jackson paid a tribute to Joe Jackson while accepting an award. Janet said, “My mother nourished me with the most extravagant love imaginable. My father, my incredible father drove me to be the best I can. My siblings set an incredibly high standard, a high bar for artistic excellence.”

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson, who is famously referred to as the ‘King of Pop’, passed away following a cardiac arrest and slipping into a coma at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009.

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