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What To Expect From 'No Time To Die'? A Specific Plot Hole In 007's Origin

Daniel Craig will soon be seen in 'No Time To Die', which is the next Bond film. However, there is one unsolved plot hole that garnered the attention of fans.

Daniel Craig

Over the years, several iterations of the Bond character have come to light through the franchise. However, the true backstory of the legendary spy has never been unveiled. In Daniel Craig’s version, the makers do touch upon certain aspects of the character's childhood but do not provide complete information. A major plot hole forms when 007 played by Daniel Craig is depicted to have a rich and poor childhood. It is neither confirmed nor denied whether the character had a rich childhood or a poor one, further complicating the narrative of his backstory. 

The plot hole in Daniel Craig's 007 backstory

In Skyfall, Daniel Craig is shown to have a lavish childhood with an amazing property to his name. It is this film that spells out that Bond’s parents were quite rich and left him a huge wealth upon their demise. The climax of the film shows this fact quite clearly and thus fans believed that could be the truth to Bond’s childhood. However, a twist in this theory occurs when Spectre was released. 

In the 2015 film, the antagonist has several attempts at Bond and even shows brotherly love towards him. In a speech made by the antagonist, he reveals that they grew up together. He mentions that his anger is placed well as Bond didn't even know how to ski properly at a certain age, while he did.

The antagonist thus belittles 007 for taking all the attention from his parents, while he felt neglected for the most part. Thus, the following theory would incline one to assume that Bond was adopted. In the speech itself, the villain mentions that he was a poor child who had to be taught how to ski. This may prove to be a hint towards Bond’s actual childhood which would have not been so great as shown in Skyfall

Thus, the complication of James Bond’s true origin appears hazy as in one film he is the heir to a wealthy estate while in another he is a destitute orphan. News portal Looper claims that the child Bond was left as a poor orphan who wouldn't be allowed to amass his wealth until he was mature. The site however argues that this fact would still not make him a poor child as a huge inheritance would be waiting once he matures enough. Besides the noted facts from the films, Eva Green also deduces Bond’s past and concludes that he had grown up as a poor kid. 007 at this point neither denies nor confirms the claims proposed by the lady. 




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