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DJ Diplo Reveals How He Reacted To The News Of His Mother's Death

DJ Diplo shared the news of his mother, Barbara's passing by taking to social media. The DJ shared how she was his number one supporter and always had his back.

DJ Diplo

DJ Diplo Image: AP

DJ Diplo, whose mother passed away, revealed that he cried in an airport bathroom after learning about her death. 

He has posted on social media to announce the passing of his mom, Barbara, reports

"My momma just passed away. I would trade a kidney to take away the cosmic gut punch I feel right now. I cried in the airport bathroom. I made a small puddle and then almost slipped," the Grammy-winning star wrote in a post on X - which was formerly known as Twitter.

"Now I'm gonna walk into the ocean and look for a shark to fight, that might be the only cure for grief. She was my first and purest love. I hope someone will make me feel safe like you always did."

Diplo's post also featured a throwback photo from his childhood. In a follow-up message, Diplo described his mom as a "devout supporter" of his music. 

The DJ, whose real name is Thomas Pentz, wrote on the micro-blogging platform, "my mom was a devout supporter of my music."

"She was always on myspace as djmom and a lot of my friends had her in their top 16 cause she always posted positive messages and loved that I was happy making music .. she followed me and every project and I always made her a double xxl shirt of my new album."

"She was restricted to a chair and oxygen tank the past ten years but I lit up her life everytime I would come home .. even two days ago she posted hearts on my page. i'm glad she got to see me create and grow and be just a little bit successful. she gave me so much confidence even when I was broke and feeling lost."

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