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'Footfairy' Movie Ending Explained: Who Is The Serial Killer In The Movie?

If you too were left confused with the ending of Footfairy movie, then check out Footfairy's ending explained below to find out who is the killer in the film

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The Gulshan Devaiah and Sagarika Ghatge's Footfairy movie is a turbulent story of a ruthless psycho killer who takes away beautiful feet of girls with himself after brutally killing the victim. The psychological thriller had become the first-ever film to air directly on Indian television during the Coronavirus pandemic. Back in October 2020, the film had exclusively premiered on &Pictures and had also created a buzz among the masses on social media. 

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However, Footfairy's story, especially its ending, received a mixed reaction from film critics as well as viewers. The Kanishk Varma directorial focuses on the murder trial of a serial killer, who suffocates young girls to death and cuts off their feet to take them along with him as his mementoes. Although the plot of the &Pictures film managed to impress the masses, there were a few shortcomings pointed out by netizens, majorly with the ending of Footfairy as it concludes on a cliffhanger. If you too were left confused with the psychological thriller's conclusion then check out Footfairy movie's ending explained below:

Who is the killer in Footfairy movie?

Footfairy is a psychological thriller that marks the directorial debut of Kanishk Varma. The film is an inconclusive mystery which leaves viewers to even more heinous solutions as to who can be the killer in Footfairy. It revolves around the life of Vivaan Deshmukh (Gulshan Devaiah), who is shown to be the Sherlock Holmes of CBI, as he embarks on a journey to knock down a psycho killer. As the title of the &Pictures film suggests, the serial killer in this film is referred to as 'Footfairy'.

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The aforementioned title is given to the murderer because of his obsession with chopping off the victim's legs and taking them away with him. However, because of the increasing pressure with the increase in murders, Vivaan zeroes down to Joshua Matthews (Kunal Roy Kapur). Joshua's unusual behaviour and mysterious absences result in him being the prime suspect in Footfairy. But, all Deshmukh lacks is cold evidence to arrest the suspect.

Towards the ending of Footfairy, after yet another murder, Vivaan decides to barge into Joshua's house and mercilessly beat him so that the latter accepts his crime while his department waits for the latter's DNA results. After being beaten relentlessly, Joshua falsely accepts being 'Footfairy'. Thus, Vivaan decides to shoot him, when his colleague stops him and lets him know that his results read 'inconclusive' which proves Joshua is not the killer. 

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Later, the film directly takes a leap of 7 years as Devika is shown taking care of her and Vivaan's daughter. On the other hand, Vivaan flies to Mumbai to attend someone's funeral where he reunites with his colleague Harsh. It is revealed that Vivaan shifts to Banglore after being asked to resign from his post as Joshua filed a defamation cast on him.

After bidding goodbye to Harsh, Vivaan goes to the same murder location, where a kid reveals to him that someone else had visited there too and had told him about the red suitcase which he had kept there years ago. When asked about where the unidentified person headed towards, the kid points at the railway tracks with the camera zooming forward with an open ending. Along with highlighting the serial killer's vague fetish, Footfairy also showcases the CBI officer's obsession with tracking down the culprit.

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