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BTS Jimin Opens Up About His Exercise And Diet Schedule

Jimin opened up about his exercise and diet schedule. He went on a strict diet for the shoot of his music video Set Me Free Pt 2.

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BTS singer Park Jimin is currently basking in the success of his first solo album FACE, which released on March 24. Recently, Jimin appeared on Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time episode on March 31 and opened up about his English skills and exercise schedule. Jimin disclosed how he cannot exercise during promotions.

Speaking to Choi Hwa-jung, Jimin said, "When I'm promoting, I feel like I can't really exercise. Because I diet during, I'm lazy about it and lay on the sofa." The Filter singer was also asked whether he likes to exercise in the morning or during the night, to which he responded that he likes to run early in the morning.

On the SBS's Power FM BTS member Jimin was asked to choose between dancing and singing and the singer said, "I'm lacking, but if I had to choose, I'd choose to sing. I want to do well. I'll do my best." 

Before Power Time, Jimin appeared in the American chat show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While interacting with Jimin, Jimmy asked about his English skills, to which the K-pop idol said, "To be honest, I had to memorise it. I don't get better at it even though I try my hardest."

BTS Jimin breaks record

Last week, Jimin released his first solo album FACE and on the first day of the release, around 1 million copies were sold. This set a record for the highest first week sales of any album by a Korean idol. Jimin's album comprises of five tracks including Alone, Like Crazy, Like Crazy English Version, Set Me Free Part 2, and Interlude: Dive.

FACE showcased the emotions of Jimin that he faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The album represented his growth and breakthrough over the years despite the stardom.

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