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K-pop Idol IU Cleared Of Plagiarism Charges, Agency Issues Statement

IU was found not guilty of violating copyright laws as alleged by an unnamed individual in a complaint in May. Her agency EDAM Entertainment shared a statement.

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File photo of IU | Image: IU/Instagram

K-pop soloist IU was accused of plagiarism. The idol and actress was accused by an individual identified as Person A, who claimed that six of IU's songs had plagiarised music from Western and domestic artists. Now, she has been cleared of the accusations after an investigation conducted by a relevant agency. 

3 things you need to know

  • An individual accused IU of violation of copyright laws for six of her songs in May 2023. 
  • IU's agency said that they will take legal action against malicious posts and false rumors circulating on the internet. 

IU's songs accused of plagiarism

IU's agency EDAM Entertainment issued a statement and shared that the allegations against the K-pop idol have been dismissed. Person A's complaint alleged copyright violations for six of IU's songs - Red Shoes, Good Day, BBIBBI, Pitiful, Boo and Celebrity. IU composed and produced some of these songs. However, the investigating agency found that none of these songs violated copyright laws.

Under copyright law, for infringement, a work must be substantially similar to another artist's existing work. In IU's case, the agency clarified that she did not compose five of the songs accused of being plagiarised. Regarding the sixth song, IU did not contribute to the specific segment that the accuser claimed was plagiarised.

IU's agency to take legal action against false rumors

In response to the plagiarism allegations and the subsequent spread of false rumors online, IU's agency, EDAM Entertainment, announced in August that they will take legal action against malicious posts and false rumors circulating on the internet. With the investigating agency's dismissal of the accusations, IU has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

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